Christian Nodal will release a song with Selena Quintanilla’s brother

Despite the scandals in which he has been involved, Christian Nodal continues to succeed in music and now promises great songs, one of which will have the collaboration of the brother of Selena QuintanillaAB, who will help you produce.

In American Post News We have let you know that the Mexican singer continues to work on new music, as he has revealed through his social networks and in addition to the successful collaborations he has had, he will now work hand in hand with AB Quintanilla, who has become one of the most important musical producers.

Let us remember that AB Quintanilla was an essential part of the great success of the late singer Selena Quintanilla, since she was in charge of the composition and production of her most successful songs, with which they captured the spotlight of the entertainment world.

AB Quintanilla and Christian Nodal will work together

Christian Nodal and AB Quintanilla announce collaboration. How old is Christian Nodal?

During his most recent concert, Christian Nodal was surprised to pause, this to thank AB Quintanilla for his assistance, who was in the audience and took the opportunity to confirm that they are working on a new theme:

“Hey, I’m going to commit here on stage, I have a song called ‘A million hurt’ and my brother here is going to support me to produce it so that it looks more cool and the next song will come out very soon. A living legend little brother. Thank you very much for everything you have contributed to music,” said the singer.

The admiration that Christian Nodal, who in recent days has starred in gossip regarding his health, was reciprocated, as AB Quintanilla published a photograph on his social networks, where he revealed that he had a great time with the singer.

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Christian Nodal age

How old is Christian Nodal?

The Mexican singer Christian Nodal is currently 23 years old, is originally from Sonora and was born on January 11, 1999.

Christian Nodal has become one of the most successful singers of the Mexican regional genre and has a long list of awards to prove it.

Although the beginning of his career, Christian Nodal He was characterized by being discreet, after his courtship with the singer Belinda, he became a benchmark for scandals and controversies.

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