Christian Nodal would pay a millionaire fine if he sings any of these songs

Mexico.- Continue Christian Nodal generating successes within the world of music, mainly in the Mexican regional industry, where he has surprised with great themes with which the public usually identifies, however, he might face trouble if he dares to sing some songs Why?

Despite being the most important artist of his genre today, Nodal could face a millionaire fine if at any time it occurs to you sing a song that contains an apology for crimewhich has left everyone very surprised.

For his presentation in Chihuahua, the Mexican singer has sold his tickets like hot cakes, however, when performing at El Estadio Monumental on March 9, must pay a guarantee of $480,000 Mexican pesos to ensure that it will comply with city regulations, which prohibit the interpretation of topics that have references to crime.

Despite this, it is very likely that Christian Nodal does not have any problem with the matter, since his songs do not usually talk about such issues and he would only face problems if he surprises himself by performing a song focused on crime.

The information was provided by Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s First Hand program, where he recalled that the governor who proposed said rule is now in jail and reiterated that the interpreter does not sing about this type of subject.

But not only Christian Nodal has had to pay said guarantee when appearing in Chihuahua, also all that artist who appears in the place. Those who finish their presentations without singing narcocorridos or songs that allude to the theme, will be able to receive the deposit back.

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