The 2023 MLB All-Star Celebrity Game promises grandeur, with Christian Nodal, Yandel, and other stars set to participate

Experience baseball's festive side as Latin music's finest trade microphones for mitts in this star-filled Seattle spectacle.

Major League Baseball (MLB) is preparing for its All-Star Game 2023 with the presence of the best baseball players from the American League and National League facing each other, but before that, the celebrity game will be held in Seattle with the presence of celebrities, artists, singers and personalities from other sports.

As every year, the Latin presence could not be missing, and the one in charge of representing Mexico will be singer Christian Nodal, who will test his skills on the mound in a friendly Celebrity Softball Game to be held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

In addition to the Mexican performer, the event will feature stars such as reggaetonero Yandel from Puerto Rico, Blessd from Colombia, Natti Natasha for the Dominican Republic, and Real Madrid soccer player Rodrygo.

Other guests at the celebrity game include actors Joel McHale and Adam DeVine and NBA basketball players Donovan Mitchell and Zach LaVine, WWE superstar The Miz, among other guests looking to entertain the audience.

On the same day, the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game 2023 will also be played with the presence of the best prospects of minor league baseball.

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Christian Nodal will make a space in his schedule to be present at this game to be held next Saturday, July 8, and a week later, he will continue with his tour scheduled to perform in Guatemala City.

Christian Nodal learns sign language to communicate with his audience

Christian Nodal continues to reap success, if not through his music, it is with emotional gestures or tokens of affection, such as the one he recently had with his audience in Costa Rica.

The composer found out that among the audience, there was a group of people with hearing disabilities, this was very touching, and he did not hesitate to dedicate a message to them.

The message was delivered through sign language, which was very well received by the group of fans and applauded by the rest of the audience.

“I never imagined that a deaf audience would come to one of the shows and they would identify with my music. It’s the strength of music,” said Nodal, waving his hands to greet them.