Christian Nodal’s dream was fulfilled at Foro Sol, a sold-out show with 65,000 attendees

Celebrating music, passion, and surprise guests in a sold-out, unforgettable night with Nodal at Mexico City's Foro Sol.

This Saturday, May 27, Christian Nodal fulfilled one more dream in his career because at only 24 years of age, the singer born in Caborca, Sonora, managed to gather 65 thousand people at the Foro Sol, which meant a sold out in one of the most important venues in Mexico City.

Throughout that Saturday night, Nodal concertgoers enjoyed listening to their favorite artist perform 38 songs, including his hits and some of his favorite artists, such as Joan Sebastian, Sergio Vega’s “El Shaka,” and even the salsa singer Victor Manuel. Besides, Tlaloc was benevolent with everyone because, after heavy rain in CDMX and the metropolitan area, it stopped pouring minutes before the concert started.

Christian Nodal performing in front of 65,000 people at Foro Sol

A magical night without a doubt, not only for Christian Nodal but for the almost 60 thousand souls who gathered at the Foro Sol to enjoy the first performance of the singer of songs like “De los besos que te dí” at the Foro Sol, that’s why we will show you the 5 most epic moments of that night.

1. He goes on stage

It was 9:00 p.m. on May 27th when the lights went out completely but immediately on the huge screens began to appear an animation of Nodal in black, white, and green colors. It was then that the “Mariacheño” began to play, and then little by little, Christian Nodal came out of the stage and immediately greeted his audience with a tremendous shout: “Good night Mexico.” After this, the first notes of “Se me olvidó” began to play, followed by “Ayayay,” At the end of this song, Nodal dedicated a few words to his fans.

“I want you to know that tonight it is a dream to be here, I have been dreaming about you for so long and not even in the best of my dreams did you look so beautiful, so beautiful, thank you so much Mexico City”.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

2. Sings Cazzualidades

After having on stage Greeicy, his first guest with whom he performed “Por el resto de tu vida,” Nodal performed his latest single, which the 65 thousand attendees chanted from beginning to end, the song “Cazzualidades,” dedicated to the mother of his daughter Cazzu.

3. He is called “The New Mexico” by Ana Barbara.

His second guest of the night arrived, a very important woman for him and who had supported him since the beginning of his career. We are talking about Ana Barbara, with whom he sang the song “Solos,” however, Nodal asked the “Reina Grupera” to interpret her hit “Lo Busqué,” this was one of the most emblematic moments of the night and the singer assured that the singer from Sonora is the voice of the young people, she also revealed that she “takes her hat off” to Christian’s talent.

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“He is our new Mexico, the voice of the youth,” shouted Ana Barbara excitedly.

4. Ángela Aguilar surprises the audience in CDMX

The notes of the song “Dime como Quieres” began to play. Unlike the other guests, Nodal did not announce that he would have Ángela Aguilar on stage this time. Hence, the audience thought he would sing it by himself when suddenly, in the verses that correspond to the controversial young woman, out of nowhere, she came out from the middle of the stage. It was then that the thousands of fans shouted like never before.

5. Cazzu gets on stage

It was just a few minutes before the end of his performance at the Foro Sol when Christian Nodal delighted his audience for the second time with one of his most successful songs, “De los besos que te dí,” only this time, he brought his girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Cazzu, on stage, with whom he danced and even sang the song.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

In addition to these epic moments during Christian Nodal‘s concert, there were many more, like the presence of great guests such as Greeicy, Ana Barbara, and Angela Aguilar, as well as Los Plebes del Rancho and Piso 21.

Throughout the night, Christian Nodal, in addition to performing his hits, also sang songs that are important to him and that he can not fail to perform because they are his favorites, such as songs by Maná, “El Shaka,” Victor Manuel, and Joan Sebastian.