Christian Nodal’s new look without tattoos on his face

Facing fatherhood, Christian Nodal embraces change, initiating a journey from inked rebellion to a cleaner visage for his daughter's gaze.

Christian Nodal, the celebrated singer, has recently announced that he would be starting a procedure to remove the tattoos from his face. The motivation behind this decision, he shares, is to allow his soon-to-be-born daughter to see a less marked version of him. Nodal has been documenting his progress through this rather painful process on Instagram, with a video showcasing the final result of the procedure.

Nodal, the renowned voice behind the hit song ‘Botella Tras Botella,’ declared that he was preparing for a new chapter in his life following the confirmation of his girlfriend Cazzu’s pregnancy. The Argentinean singer revealed her pregnancy to thousands of fans during a live concert.

Expressing his anticipation for his child’s arrival, Nodal has been very enthusiastic about the prospect of fatherhood in his public appearances. A short while back, he shared his intention to remove a number of tattoos that currently define his unique facial style. He stated that he wanted his child to become familiar with a different side of him.

A few weeks ago, the singer confessed, “I got the one on my nose, the rose one over here, all this up here, and some sparkles I have over here. I’m going to leave the others. It hurt me a lot, and for what he left, I don’t know, they are still very visible”, adding, “And all because of the rebellion.”

This is what Nodal would look like without a single tattoo on his face.

To provide a hint of what Nodal would look like sans any tattoos, the Mexican regional singer had previously used makeup to temporarily cover them up. The end result was impressively realistic. It should be noted that the use of makeup to hide tattoos is a common practice in recording and photography studios.

Though Nodal has made it clear he doesn’t intend to remove all his tattoos, the video featuring him without ink marks, courtesy of makeup, could potentially offer a close representation of his look in a few months.

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Christian Nodal shows progress

Christian Nodal recently took to Instagram to share the progress of his face tattoo removal process, surprising his millions of followers on social media. Reactions from fans included comments such as, “How different Nodal looks, you can see that he already has peace”, “This boy needed a woman in his life that would add up for good,” and “He looks younger”.

As for his look post the removal of his face tattoos, Nodal revealed that there would be some remaining scabs. Even though a significant portion of his face is inked, he clarified that he won’t be getting rid of all his tattoos and plans to keep a few.

The painful process of tattoo removal, according to Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal has been undergoing the tattoo removal process for several weeks now. As he shared in a podcast, the singer asserted that the removal of tattoos is considerably more painful than getting them. He also elaborated on the aftercare involved, which includes sun protection and the use of facial creams.

This is how Nodal looks like right now (Instagram: @nodal)
This is how Nodal currently looks (Instagram: @nodal).

Nodal also mentioned that the final outcome of the treatment would take a while, as it is spread over several sessions. For Nodal, the final look is expected to be achieved in six to nine months, a period during which he’ll need to take extra care of his face.

“I want to remove my tattoos. More than anything, I want to look clean. I really like my tattoos, I love tattoos, I am going to open a tattoo shop in Los Angeles very soon, and I would like my little daughter to know my face. I always do what comes from my heart and, at the right time, it was born, and thank God the tattoos are removed. Everything has a solution”, Christian Nodal shared.