Christian Nodal’s reaction to Cazzu’s baby announcement: ‘I am no longer a daddy, I am a dad’

Christian Nodal announced he is going to be a father during one of his concerts

During her concert at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 29-year-old Cazzu revealed that she is pregnant with Christian Nodal. After this revelation, Christian Nodal -24 years old- did not stay behind and sent an emotional message about Cazzu’s pregnancy.

Like the rapper, during his Feria Nacional de San Marcos concert, Christian Nodal said: “I’m not a daddy anymore. Now I’m a dad.”

A while ago, we assumed Cazzu was expecting, and as the rumors intensified, we now have official announcements from both singers.

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Cristian Nodal sends an emotional message about Cazzu’s pregnancy (screenshot)

Christian Nodal announced he’s going to be a dad.

On the same day, Saturday, April 15, 2023, and only hours after Cazzu’s revelation, Christian Nodal announced that he would be a father during one of his concerts.

However, unlike the rapper from Argentina, Christian Nodal made his announcement with an emotional message to his fans.

During his concert at the National Fair of San Marcos, in Aguascalientes, the regional Mexican singer thanked the support he had been given and mentioned that he is no longer a “daddy.”

“To all my fans from the bottom of my heart, who are always supporting me, I give the news that I am no longer papacito, now I am a dad who wants to thank all the love”.

Christian Nodal

His fans at the concert celebrated with the singer the news and congratulated him for fulfilling one of his dreams.

On social networks, Christian Nodal’s mom shared the video of both revelations and her congratulations, assuring that the singers would be “great parents.”

Christian Nodal’s mom would be the happiest with Cazzu’s pregnancy

After Cazzu and Christian Nodal announced individually that they were expecting their first child, the first to congratulate them was the Mexican singer’s mother.

And through the stories on her Instagram account, Christy Nodal shared a message of love for the couple and a special thanks to the singer.

Also, in her message, she assured that Christian Nodal’s whole family is happy with the news and with Cazzu, whom she praised for her talent and success.