Christian Nodal’s unexpected rap makeover in Argentina leads to comparisons with Lupillo Rivera

Fans react to Christian Nodal's striking new look, his upcoming performances in Aguscalientes, and his debut as a sports commentator.

Unaware of the rumors that Christian Nodal is about to become a father with his girlfriend Cazzu, the regional Mexican singer reappeared in a live broadcast from Argentina, where he already lives with the rapper, and the image he showed was a surprise for his followers.

The singer of Aquí Abajo connected with his followers to simply wish them a good day, but what caught their attention is that now he is sporting one of his customary changes of look, this time completely in rap.

The native of Caborca, Sonora, did not give any explanation regarding his radical change of image but only thanked his fans for the positive response to his upcoming live performances.

“Here I am, enjoying the last bit of time I have left at home, the peace, the tranquility, recharging energy to reach all my people in Aguascalientes. We are going to have three shows, we have a full house, thank you very much for that, and to all my public, I wish you a beautiful day,” he said in the transmission where he could be seen in what appears to be a large garden with a pool.

El cantante se distingue por sus múltiples cambios de imagen, como teñirse el pelo de colores exóticos y sus diversos tatuajes (Foto: Captura de pantalla)
The singer is known for his multiple image changes, such as dyeing his hair in exotic colors and various tattoos (Photo: Screenshot).

Although a change of look is not exactly something new for the singer of Botella Tras Botella, he has distinguished himself, especially in recent times, for constantly changing his haircut style and painting it in exotic colors, which, together with the large number of tattoos that adorn his body, have become a hallmark of Nodal’s image.

His new cropped hair generated mixed reactions because while some people applauded the change, there was no shortage of “joking” comments or even those who compared him to Lupillo Rivera, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend, with whom Nodal was even about to walk down the aisle in 2022.

“Well, he looks badass, but nothing that a good wardrobe won’t fix,” “I don’t know, he looks older now,” “He doesn’t need to be making a fuss all the time,” “With that bald head he looks like Lupillo,” “He doesn’t want to win Belinda back with that Lupillo Rivera look, “So many tattoos, piercings, and now shaved he looks like a Mara Salvatrucha,” are some of the acidic comments read on the Latin Grammy winner’s social networks.

Nodal sorprendió mostrando la cabeza completamente a rape (Foto: Captura de pantalla)
Nodal surprised everyone by showing his head completely shaved (Photo: Screenshot)

Christian nodal and his upcoming presentations

The singer is in the South American country waiting to perform in his upcoming shows, three of them in Aguascalientes, to face a bigger challenge in May: to fill the huge Foro Sol in Mexico City for the first time.

As part of his Foraji2 Tour, the 24-year-old singer will perform on the emblematic stage, and his performance has generated such expectation that it is reflected in the good response to the purchase of tickets.

Likewise, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend is preparing to enter a new facet: that of a sports commentator. The performer will debut behind the microphones, commenting on the fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, which will take place on April 22nd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nodal will join ESPN’s panelists, according to a video published on the channel’s social networks.

In the images, the Sonoran showed how he was preparing for the fight, training. “We are ready. This April 22, we are going to Las Vegas,” said the singer, the special guest for the broadcast. For years, Nodal has expressed his passion for boxing and even shared how he trains professionally with his followers.