Christian Nodal’s zipper mishap does not overshadow a fan’s dream come true in Madrid

Enjoy the humor and heart of Christian Nodal's concert, featuring a wardrobe gaffe and a fan's dream performance.

Christian Nodal gave a concert with the zipper down, and fans tried to warn him, but in the end, this happened. Christian Nodal’s life changed radically in the last months because, at the beginning of 2022, the singer faced a breakup and even a very radical change of look.

But everything got better for the 24-year-old singer when he met Cazzu – 29 – with whom he is now expecting his first baby.

The singer has been more cheerful in his concerts, where he has had great success with his album Forajido Vol. 2.

But, despite Christian Nodal’s great performance on stage, that doesn’t stop him from having funny mishaps.

Christian Nodal sang with his zipper down, and this was the reaction of his fans.

One of Christian Nodal‘s last performances took place in Chihuahua, where hundreds of people came to sing his songs.

But, Christian Nodal went on stage with a small detail. He was wearing his pants zipper down.

The moment was recorded by TikTok user Nancy Jaquez, who showed Christian Nodal singing “Se me olvidó” and, indeed, he forgot to zipper up his pants.

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Christian Nodal, singer (@christiannodaloficialmx)

Several fans noticed this and started shouting at him that he was wearing his zipper down, but the singer didn’t even listen to his fans’ comments.

The singer’s followers began to defend him in the comments, assuring everyone this could happen to anyone.

“What critics are looking at,” “What does it matter? This way he looks wonderful”, “It happens to anyone,” and “With the zipper down, but with all the attitude” were some of the comments.

Christian Nodal didn’t even notice that his zipper was down, and his fans enjoyed a great concert.

Christian Nodal invites a fan to sing with him and ends up impressed.

In every one of Christian Nodal‘s concerts, surprises happen, and a few days ago, he fulfilled the dream of a fan.

Naomy Vega is a young singer from Tenerife who attended Christian Nodal’s Madrid concert.

The young woman was carrying a sign that said: “I want to sing,” Christian Nodal took her on stage to perform “Volver, volver” by Vicente Fernandez.

But the surprise was Christian Nodal’s because Naomi sang very well; since that is her profession.

In the end, Christian Nodal was impressed with the voice of his fan and fulfilled his dream of singing on his stage.


Una persona del público me paso este vídeo😭,se me ponen los pelos de punta He cumplido un sueño y ha sido mejor de lo que lo imagine🇲🇽🇮🇨 #christiannodal #madrid #wizinkcenter #volvervolver

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