Christian teacher who ‘sexted’ with a student is arrested, in Florida

Scandals at a Christian high school in Florida, as a teacher was arrested for sexting with a student 20 years her junior. The situation was discovered by the minor’s mother, who notified the authorities and filed a lawsuit against the 38-year-old teacher, identified as Julie Hoover.

According to the authorities, the student is a senior and the situation broke out on June 2 when the mother discovered the sexual messages between the two, which were exchanged between March and April.

In many countries, dozens of students have exhibited sexual harassment by teachers, but in this case, it was the student’s wife who decided to report the situation and put a stop to the situation.

Mom managed to try the teacher’s sexting

The teacher was arrested for harassment The new form of intimacy can be dangerous

The woman was able to provide evidence to the agents that Professor Hoover was arranging for the minor to come to her home while the husband was at work. Despite this, the teacher was released after paying a bail of 15 thousand dollars.

Among the charges against him was using his authority for his opinions and if the case proceeds, this could be classified as sexual abuse of minors. So far the Christian school has remained silent about the arrest of the teacher who was hired in 2018.

The teacher accused of harassment has not issued any statement since her release, as her lawyers told her that at this time it is not appropriate.

What is sexting and what is it for?

The new form of intimacy can be dangerous

It is about sending messages with a sexual connotation; They can be texts, images or videos that have this nature to incite both people. It has become a new way of sex through social networks.

Currently, experts point out the risk of sexting, since the content can be shared in an appropriate way to humiliate or threaten those who appear in the images.

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