Christina Aguilera surprises with a change of look and showing off her “boobies”

Singer Christina Aguilera has surprised all her fans with her new look change. She went from having long platinum blonde hair to being a whole redhead. But the thing does not stop there. The singer of Hispanic origin also left everyone on a heel when Show off your “boobies” with a bra that left little to the imagination.

All of this change of look of Christina Aguilera and this excess of sensuality with red hair It was to give an appetizer to his new album, which will be in Spanish precisely because of its Latin roots. What is certain is that his new single “Pa mis Muchachas” is with the famous Becky G, Nathy Peluso and Nicki nicole and the video is a waste of sensuality. The premiere will be in three days and fans of all are crazy about social networks.

This album constitutes something very important in the life of Christina Aguilera. It was not until 2000 that he recorded in Spanish. Let’s remember that her father is Ecuadorian, so the Spanish language is something very representative for the singer despite not mastering it one hundred percent. The producer of this album was the famous Colombian Julio Reyes, who also produced many of the songs on Jennifer Lopez.

Obviously with this redhead look And with these Latina companions, it is to be expected that the material she is releasing Christina Aguilera he walks through the urban genre and with an air of reggaeton, which is so present these days. However, also by some tropical genres and as Christina herself says with this new theme “For my Girls”, a lot of guaracha.

No doubt Christina Aguilera Not only has she already taken over the reality shows of music competitions, but she also intends to give the battle again in the music industry to all the Hispanic female talent that there is today. We’ll see if this album surprises us with any other collaboration.

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