Christmas 2021: what products could be sold out for this season

Christmas 2021: what products could be sold out for this season

This Christmas can be very different for many families due to the shortage of products throughout the country.

Photo: Dima Valkov / Pexels

For months the business sector, especially the retail sector, has alerted the American population that a wave of product shortages may come, something that may be a reality in the Christmas season.

The supply chain is severely affected by the pandemic even though there is already a global recovery. The truth is that the production of certain goods is taking time to reestablish due to the fact that manufacturers manufacturing stopped for months.

For this reason, La Opinion gives you a list of the products that you may not be able to find in the next Christmas season so that you are aware as a consumer and you can probably take your precautions to get what you need in time.

1. Food

For months there has been a shortage of various foods in various food retail stores, although it is not clear which products may be in short supply, it is recommended that you be attentive to meat, poultry and their derivatives so it is essential that you be very clear what will be your menu for Christmas dinner and do not have a adversity.

2. Carbonated drinks, dry ice, packaged foods

The consulting firm Kearney announced that carbon dioxide (CO2), used in a wide range of consumer products, is in short supply. The firm stated that reducing the production of fertilizers there will be a global shortage of CO2. This chemical element is used to make packaged foods to keep them fresh longer, to allow dry ice to keep frozen foods cold, to give bubbles to the carbonated drinks like soda and beer.

3. iPhones, Apple electronic products

If you were thinking of acquiring an iPhone for the Christmas season, you should advance your purchase or, failing that, wait. According to the report from the consulting firm Kearney, several important Apple suppliers have suspended operations at their factories in China, which means that they will probably not replenish stocks.

4. Christmas trees and decorations

The American Christmas Tree Association reported in a statement that “all retailers will be affected by the reduction in the supply of trees this season.” On the other hand, the materials with which you can decorate the tree or your house are limited in existence, so you run the risk that you will not find them in a great variety.

5. Sports shoes and clothing

A week ago several companies such as NIke warned that they are struggling to guarantee the stock of their tennis shoes, as well as a large part of their sportswear collection, since both footwear and clothing are manufactured in Asia, a continent that has stopped production. Nike, like other brands, have had to move the maquila of their products to other countries so that they reach the stores and warehouses on time, but this action may represent increases in prices.

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