Christmas 2021: Wine shortage expected this holiday season

Supply chain problems have affected every industry, including wine.

Photo: Nicole Michalou / Pexels

As you know, This year the large chain stores have had problems in their supply chain, which has caused a shortage of productsEven the most essential items, and that includes wine, which is most often drunk at the holidays.

Mike Eaton, vice president of supply chain management for Jackson Family Winery, says large wineries are having a difficult time transporting their wine due to shipping problems and labor shortages. “I think we are already starting to catch up with everyone. We have a lot of wine in our cellar. And it’s just a matter of increasing rigor in our planning process to make sure no one is out of stock. “

And although Eaton is already preparing now, he admits that the problem has not yet reached levels that could already indicate that they are in crisis. The pandemic-related labor shortage is affecting many industries, including trucking.

With a shortage of truckers and other shipping-related issues, there’s a backlog of products, which means that some items will be harder to find or cost a little more than usual.

This will also affect box wines, which are generally cheaper. And it is that this is usually done with the surplus of the wine. But, when there is a shortage of supply, then there is also less wine to put in boxes, as reported on News Channel 8.

Supply chain problems have affected every imaginable industry, although electronics in particular. What’s more, some workers have refused to return to their jobs after being quarantined, either because they demand better working conditions or also because they oppose the orders to apply the vaccine.

So now you know, if you are one of those who consumes wine at Christmas parties, it may not be easy to find the bottle you are looking for this time or its price is a little higher than normal.

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