Christmas What is the main dish of these dates in the countries?

Christmas has come and the tables are adorned with the best dishes to celebrate it as a family and in different parts of the world the gastronomy for these festivities varies.

It should be noted that food traditions are comforting at a time when many of us have had another very difficult pandemic year and Christmas dishes are particularly special in many homes.

That is why we show you how the inhabitants of seven countries celebrate Christmas through gastronomy, derived from an investigation with experts in international cuisine.


French Christmas Dish Brodo Tortellini Dessert is Christmas Pudding Greek Honey Cookies Pozole Christmas Tamales Christmas Dish in the Bahamas

The French sit down to dinner around 8 p.m., he says, and savor a first plate of seafood, a thermidor lobster or some prawns, served with a large capon (a male chicken famous for its tenderness) and an assortment side dishes including mashed potatoes and chestnuts sautéed with butter and topped with sage.

The dessert, the grand finale, is a Christmas log, or bûche de Noël, the French version of a Christmas cake. Often two are served, one chocolate and one chestnut.


Brodo Tortellini Dessert is Christmas Pudding Greek Honey Cookies Pozole Christmas Tamales Christmas Dish in the Bahamas

Smoked salmon with butter crostini or a salted smoked cod is the forerunner to the main meal. Italians in coastal areas, such as the Amalfi Coast, can start with a crude oil, such as sea bass with herbs and sea salt.

The next dish is the tortellini in brodo (stuffed pasta bathed in a hot chicken broth and Parmesan cheese), which must come from the homonymous region of Italy.

The main food, northern Italians tend to eat stuffed turkey, while those in coastal areas can enjoy a large baked sea bass surrounded by roasted potatoes and vegetables.

“The panettone, a typical sweet bread, is the essential element in any place,” says Finardi. “The secret is to heat it up for just a few minutes.” Spumante, a sparkling wine, is the drink of choice.


Dessert is Christmas pudding Greek Honey Cookies Pozole Christmas Tamales Christmas Dish in the Bahamas

The real festivities begin on Christmas morning with a glass of champagne and a breakfast of smoked salmon and chunks of ground meat, plus a turkey or roast beef and a number of sides such as roasted parsnips and carrots, buttered peas and collard greens. Brussels.

Some families include Yorkshire pudding, a tasty baked good made from flour, eggs, and milk made from meat scraps. The dessert is the Christmas pudding, which is actually a dark, dense cake made with nuts, spices, and usually a splash of brandy.


Greek Honey Pozole Cookies Christmas Tamales Christmas Dish in the Bahamas

It is customary to eat a special wheat bread that is only made at Christmas, pork sausages are also eaten. It is the only time that Greeks eat pork, because this meat is not common.

The first is the homemade honey cookies with walnuts or almonds, followed by the chicken soup with orzo. A few hours later, you eat a roast chicken stuffed with chestnuts or variations of grilled pork dishes or stews.

The main course is accompanied by side dishes such as sautéed wild vegetables, romaine lettuce cut into thin strips with chives and feta cheese, and roasted lemon potatoes.


Pozole Christmas Tamales Christmas Dish in the Bahamas

The meal begins with pozole, a stew with large grains of corn and pork or beef that is accompanied by up to 20 condiments, such as parsley, coriander, chili peppers and assorted cheeses.

In a nod to the American influence in Mexico, the main dish is a turkey with all the trimmings, like mashed potatoes and green beans.

The final sweet is usually a creamy flan with strawberries and cream. But the meal is not complete without tequilas and mezcals to accompany the meal.

Costa Rica

Christmas Tamales Christmas Dish in the Bahamas

Many Costa Ricans celebrate Christmas with a midnight extravaganza; homemade tamales, stuffed with chicken or pork or with vegetables and cheese, are the first course. Next, arroz con pollo, Costa Rica’s national dish made with green beans, peas, carrots, saffron, cilantro, and a whole chicken in pieces.

Costa Ricans living on the coast have shellfish such as marlin, tuna, dorado, prawns and lobster, while the inhabitants of the interior eat beef, pork and chicken.

The dessert is usually a coconut flan and rice pudding, that is, rice pudding, sugar and cinnamon.


Bahamian Christmas Dish

The locals host a huge dinner that includes turkey, ham, mac n cheese, green peas and coconut rice pudding and potato salad.

Seafood is always accompanied by potato bread or Johnny Cake, a cornmeal flatbread and with this we close the main Christmas dishes in the countries.

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