Chronicles of a War by Carlos Rivera

In recent years it has become fashionable for great musicians and artists to publish a documentary about their life or career and Carlos Rivera is no exception, since in 2021 he premiered his documentary “Chronicles of a War” along with their self-titled record album.

This documentary that came to light in the month of February through Cinépolis Klic, consists of 4 chapters; on the other hand, it should be noted that those who pre-purchased the album took a postcard of Carlos Rivera autographed by himself.

Where to see Chronicles of a War by Carlos Rivera?

Today, you can see this documentary by Carlos Rivera on the streaming platform disneyplus, because it is the place where the interpreter of “100 years” decided to be However, if you do not have this service and you would like to be able to see even a part of it, you should know that Rivera himself published on his YouTube channel Youtube the first part of the documentary.

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Songs from Chronicles of a War by Carlos Rivera

Songs from Carlos Rivera’s War Chronicles

The musical themes of “Chronicles of a War” include the singles from his album “War” and new singles that did not come out in that edition, in itself, the songs of this record album, are:

  • I love my madness.
  • I was waiting for you.
  • I’ll be back (with Tommy Torres).
  • Give me back my heart.
  • I’m dying.
  • It would be easier.
  • Blessed your life.
  • I love you today (with Vanesa Martín).
  • follow me
  • War cry.
  • The moon from the sky.
  • Remind me of Coco.
  • Losing my head (with Becky G and Pedro Capó).
  • 100 years (with Maluma)
  • 100 years (with Maluma and Caliber 50)
  • It will pass.

In addition, he has these songs completely live from the Palermo Hippodrome, thus giving his fans an auditory reference on how he is heard live, well… What admirer of his would not want to close his eyes for a moment and imagine that he is in one of his concerts?

What was Carlos Rivera’s first song?

Do you know what Carlos Rivera’s first theme song is? After he won the Academy in 2004, in 2005 he signed his contract with the record label Sony Music, that being the year in which he fully started his artistic career, but while he was preparing his first record album, he had the opportunity to perform the main theme of the movie “Sea of ​​dreams”, so Carlos Rivera’s first single is nothing more and nothing less than the song “And if you knew”, do you remember it?

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