Chumel Torres causes Rappi Mexico to run out of users

Chumel Torres caused a controversy on social networks again, after Rappi Mexico launched a promotional with the image of the Mexican presenter, which was rejected by users who started a campaign against the service platform.

Let’s remember that the comedian and youtuber has been involved in major scandals after his racist comments against Mexicans, including the president’s wife and son of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

The most recent incident occurred on January 5, when Torres launched a racist comment against AMLO supporters on his Twitter account where he wrote: “How did you know that I voted for Andrés Manuel López Obrador?!? ‘”, accompanied by the image of Maribel Madrigal, the protagonist of Encanto de Disney.

They attack Rappi Mexico for the image of Chumel Torres

Users lashed out at the comedian.

This Saturday, the Mexican comedian was once again a trend in social networks, after the new one was released Rappi Mexico promotional which includes the image of the also journalist.

The event caused outrage among users, who asked to cancel or remove the Rappi app of their mobiles, this as a protest against the comedian from Chihuahua, whom they described as classist and racist.

“With this wretch you announce yourself Rappi”, “Uninstalled App”, “Goodbye Rappi Mexico for supporting racist ideas”, “Along with the precarious conditions towards his workers, his image is a character, racist, misogynist and arrogant. Goodbye”, were some of the reactions of Internet users.

Who is Chumel Torres?

The presenter has been embroiled in major scandals.

José Manuel Torres Morales, best as Chumel Torres, is a presenter, journalist, comedian and youtuber born in Chihuahua. He is known for his program El Pulso de la República, however, also for his various scandals such as the time Torres compared HIV to COVID-19.