Chyno Miranda reappears and lives like this now after illness

Chyno Miranda He has been away from social networks since last May, so his followers have wondered what has happened to the singer? In AmericanPost.News We share with you what they have revealed about the artist, they assure that he is alone in a hospital.

And it is that, we remember that the singer is still in recovery after suffering a neurological condition which was complicated because he suffered COVID-19so he has dealt with the consequences left by the virus and has not been able to continue his career in music.

Last May we informed you that the singer’s coach gave details about his state of health, and revealed that the singer is sick for life, as the virus left him with serious consequences. Rumors arose at the time that he was hovering between life and death.

Chyno Miranda reappears in a hospital in Venezuela

The Gossip No Like program was the medium that published the recent images of the singer and they talked about the artist’s current state of health. For his part, the presenter Javier Ceriani was sad to see the famous man alone in that hospital room.

On the other hand, they mentioned that some relatives visit the artist. It is worth mentioning that on June 8, a benefit concert was held to raise funds for the recovery of the Venezuelan.

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How is Chyno Miranda today?

The singer is in a rehabilitation center

The singer Chyno Miranda would be in a rehabilitation center in Caracas, Venezuela to recover, after having faced serious health problems in 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19 that caused encephalitis and peripheral neuropathy that left him immobilized for several months.

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