Chyno Miranda’s ex-wife, Natasha Araos, breaks the silence and responds to criticism about the singer’s situation

Natasha Araos, ex-wife of Chyno Miranda spoke on social networks after all the negative comments she has received since last week, because the father of her son would not be well

The model Natasha Araos, who was the wife of singer Chyno Miranda for four years, spoke out after being subjected to constant negative comments after the latest announcements that have been recorded recently about the current situation of the Venezuelan.

This Monday, through her social networks, Chyno’s ex-partner spoke about the relevance of not losing a second because she sees it prudent to know each other very well, all to avoid removing in one way or another the negative of each person and thus end with that which generates pain.

“We human beings must react and become aware of what we are and why we are here. This life is so wonderful when we manage to understand it. Everything that happens is for our evolution. The change in all the supreme energy. We have to wake up. We have to come into consciousness and connect. We have all this life to do it. Let’s not waste time. Find yourself, know yourself, connect and go beyond. As Lao Tse says, ‘If you want to awaken humanity, AWAKEN yourself. If you want to eliminate human suffering…, eliminate everything dark in yourself,” he began.

Araos mentioned that everyone should focus on their “transformation” to improve. However, he stressed that this is a completely individual determination, as everyone must go through certain stages to move forward.

“Truly, the greatest gift you have to offer is that of YOUR OWN TRANSFORMATION’. Stop wasting so much time… The decision is up to us, and we must be clear that we are all in a process and a different step of evolution. It does not mean that some are better than others, BUT EVERYONE VIBRATES AT A DIFFERENT FREQUENCY. As I said, we are all one, and we are made of the same, and that’s the beauty of it all,” he concluded.

Last Wednesday, Miranda left the facilities of ‘Tía Panchita,’ a rehabilitation center located in Alta Florida, Caracas. At the same time, he is already hospitalized at the El Cedral Clinic, also in the Venezuelan capital. However, his mother has stated that his situation could worsen if she does not stay close to him.