Cindy Crawford praises her daughter Kaia Gerber as her “brave” successor

Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia Gerber.

Photo: Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

The model Cindy crawford, one of the great stars of the catwalks in the 1990s, is convinced that her daughter Kaia gerber, who has followed in her footsteps in the world of fashion, has always been much “braver” than she when it comes to pursuing her dreams. Without going any further, the American recalled that Kaia is already doing her first jobs in the world of acting, a discipline in which she never dared to embark.

“I am very proud of her because she has more confidence in herself than I was at her age. There were many things in my school days that attracted me, such as participating in plays. But since none of my friends moved in those circles, I never knew if I would be good at it, so I chose not to try, “confessed Cindy in conversation with the actress Ellen pompeo, who has a podcast increasingly popular with listeners.

“For her part, Kaia has always been braver and that is why she did theater in both primary and secondary school. She already has some experience acting, “added the supermodel, just afterwards, attributing the change in direction that her daughter has taken – as a result of her marriage to the businessman. Rande gerber– to the professional context left by the current coronavirus crisis, marked among other things by a notable reduction in fashion shows.

“She no longer travels so much or has as much work as a model, because photo shoots are hardly ever done all over the world. That’s why she started auditioning and taking acting lessons online, ”Cindy explained about some work concerns that Kaia wants to handle very carefully. “Although the fans are excited that she has been encouraged to do so, now she has more eyes on her, more than anyone would have in their first experience as an actress,” he said.

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