Ciro Murayama refuses to accept the “austerity plan” at the INE

The counselor of the INE, Cyrus Murayama, refuses to accept the austerity plan proposed by the Federal Government, after considering that the proposal “verges on the ridiculous”, clinging to the refusal to reduce the cost of renting premises, travel and meals.

“The government proposed an austerity plan so that the INE reduce expenses. Among what they propose is that we stop paying leases. What does the INE rent? Almost 800 places like this. Modules for people to process their voting credentials”.

Previously, the counselor assured that “when the elections (badly done) were organized by the government (1988) they decided the expense”, but “today that there is an autonomous institute (the INE) the government does not command its decisions”.

Ciro Murayama refuses to cut costs

The government proposes to the INE to reduce salaries and wages of 1,336 jobs, from an area director, to the INE’s own president counselor, Lorenzo Córdova. With that, according to the Treasury and Segob, 130 million pesos would be saved.

It also proposes an “adjustment to incentives for personnel” such as the “bonus for support in elections”, with which an additional 150 million pesos would be obtained. In addition, he proposes canceling insurance for major medical expenses, with a possible saving of 131.6 million pesos.

Likewise, said initiative proposes the cancellation of the individualized separation insurance, to obtain 306.9 million. In total, with these adjustments, 718.8 million pesos would be obtained according to the plan.

What else does the austerity plan propose?

Cyrus Murayama

In addition, it ensures that with savings “due to austerity” in telephone expenses, fuel, leases, travel expenses, stationery, congresses… 554.5 million pesos would be obtained, which added to the budgeted item last year for the consultation, add up to 1,384.5 million. .

Thirdly, it proposes to use the money from two trusts (one to meet labor liabilities and the other to comply with the real estate infrastructure program and for citizen attention and improvement of modules), of which the government estimates that it has 868.7 million of weights.

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