CJNG’s brutal recruitment and training of hitmen exposed in viral video

The Jalisco Cartel - New Generation has been exposed in a viral video training their hitmen in military techniques using R15 rifles. This video sheds light on the cartel's brutal recruitment and training tactics, targeting low-income youth and offering inadequate pay for the dangerous work.

A video is circulating on social networks in which members of the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) allegedly teach their hitmen how to disassemble their high-caliber rifles to clean them and then reassemble them so that they are ready to confront authorities and their opponents.

The young hired thugs recruited are instructed how to work with R15 rifles and against the clock, a technique very similar to that used in the Army and Navy.

In fact, in the short video, it is possible to see that the hitmen sport a military-style haircut, revealing that several of the members of the criminal group with prominent positions at some point swore allegiance to the homeland.

However, their new mission under the Cartels’ orders consists of trying to instill discipline and obedience in low-income youths who, in many cases, have been recruited against their will and under the threat of attacking their loved ones if they try to desert or denounce.

It should be noted that these videos are also used by criminal organizations to recruit untrained individuals with ambitions to make money by breaking the law.

However, despite looking for “serious people,” as some of the messages that have reached the hands of the authorities make it known, the amount they offer is not compensated for the risk taken.

Those who are supposedly interested are promised payments of no more than $580 per month, an unattractive figure if one takes into account that, for joining the Civil Guard, the Mexican Army, or the Mexican Navy, the government offers higher figures, with the aim of closing the gap to crime.

Perhaps this is the reason why there are constantly forced disappearances of young people in the country who are intimidated by crime into submission at the cost of their lives.

In this way, it is increasingly common that among those killed by the cartels, the age of their hitmen is younger.