The Jalisco Cartel’s pattern of intimidation spreads to Peso Pluma and other regional Mexican artists

On multiple occasions, alleged members of the four-letter cartel have displayed intimidating messages against singers in the north of the country.

On September 12th, the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) reportedly issued a fresh wave of threats targeting regional Mexican artists, with Peso Pluma being the latest in their crosshairs. The singer, whose real name is Hassan, received warnings through multiple sources, including social media and local media. These threats were conveyed via at least four narcomantas—banners commonly used by criminal organizations in Mexico to communicate messages.

The chilling message read: “This goes for you, Peso Pluma, refrain from performing on Oct. 14 because it will be your last performance, this for being disrespectful and loose tongue. You show up and we will break your whole mother. Att. CJNG.”

This isn’t the first instance where the CJNG has targeted members of the regional Mexican music scene. Earlier this year, narcomantas from the cartel were found spreading intimidating texts against various artists.

Grupo Arriesgado’s event interrupted by gunfire

Grupo Arriesgado was threatened by the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation (CJNG) (Infobae Mexico / Jovani Perez)
Grupo Arriesgado was threatened by the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) (Infobae Mexico / Jovani Perez)

One of the most alarming incidents occurred in early 2023. Arturo González, commonly known as “Panter Bélico”, the lead singer of Grupo Arriesgado, was threatened by the CJNG. During an autograph signing event at Plaza Paseo 2000 in Tijuana on February 10, attendees were sent into a panic when gunshots echoed through the venue.

The next day, a narcomanta surfaced, targeting “Panter Bélico” with aggressive threats. By April, González had stepped down from the group, though the reasons remain undisclosed.

The hotel hosting Marco Antonio Flores Sánchez closed for fear of the CJNG

Another incident in 2023 saw the federal deputy and lead singer of Banda Jerez, Marco Antonio Flores Sánchez, closing down his hotel “La Cabrona” in Zacatecas. This decision came after CJNG hitmen allegedly intimidated his staff.

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The singer decided to cease the operation of his hotel for fear of violence (Facebook/marcoantoniofloressanchez).
The singer decided to cease his hotel operation for fear of violence (Facebook/marcoantoniofloressanchez).

“The guys who are threatening are known in town. I want to let people, in general, know to be very careful in coming to Zacatecas, do not trust, and if you can avoid it is better,” cautioned the legislator and singer. It is rumored that CJNG hitmen, after staying at the hotel, left their weapons behind.

When hotel staff discovered the weapons and alerted the authorities, the hitmen returned, demanding their weapons back and threatening the staff.

Ernesto Barajas had to cancel a concert

Ernesto Barajas and his group decided to cancel the concert they had planned (Instagram/@nelssiecarrillo).
Ernesto Barajas and his group decided to cancel the concert they had planned (Instagram/@nelssiecarrillo).

In mid-July, another narcomanta surfaced on social media targeting Ernesto Barajas, the lead singer of the group Enigma Norteño. The message cautioned Barajas, implying that his alleged protectors, brothers Alfonso and Rene Arzate Garcia (known as “El Aquiles” and “La Rana”), won’t be enough to shield him.

Both brothers are believed to oversee the Sinaloa Cartel’s operations in Tijuana. Consequently, Barajas and his group canceled their scheduled performance at the Rosarito Fair later that month.

These events underline the expanding influence and audacity of the CJNG, as they openly threaten and intimidate artists in the public eye. The Mexican music scene, along with its artists and fans, finds itself in the crossfire of a dangerous cartel power play.