Clara Chía Martí flees from the paparazzi when they ask her about the children of Shakira and Gerard Piqué

Clara Chía Martí can no longer walk the streets of Barcelona as if she were a normal person. Now the pink press recognizes her and the paparazzi persecute her to obtain her statements. And the situation has changed more after the statements released by Shakira recently. And it is that the Colombian broke the silence and accepted that the whole process is being very hard for both her and her children.

The Colombian singer spoke at length about her separation from Gerard Piqué with ELLE magazine in its Anglo-Saxon edition. Shakira She said that the hardest thing about this process is how mediatic everything is being, she recounted how now she has the press outside her house waiting for her to capture reactions or statements.

The interpreter of “Te Felicito” assured that all this has also been hard for her children, since even though she can protect them from the information they receive, she cannot separate them from what they are told at school, where they also find out of many of the things that his father is doing, thanks to what the Spanish press is sharing in the media. And it is that at the end of the day Shakira is not only news in Barcelona, ​​which is where she currently lives with her children, no. The singer is world news.

Clara was asked on the street if in fact she already knew Sasha and Milan, children of Shakira and Piqué. The young woman did not respond.

The questions of the press arise from the information shared, in previous weeks and to El Gordo y la Flaca by the journalist Jordi Martin, who said that in effect the minors had already had contact with her. All this when Piqué left them in his care on those days when he took them with him to his company Kosmos, where he also works.

Here is the video of the recent persecution that Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend experienced by the press. And watch out, she comes from spending a few days of love and passion with Piqué. The couple was in Paris living her love idyll for a few days.

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