Claressa Shields, the only 4-belt champion, says she suffered sexual abuse

Claressa Shields will go down in history boxing with all certainty, because at 26 years old he has also launched himself to have the same success in the world of Mixed martial arts (MMA).

But this fighter (for which fights of more than seven figures are paid) has made public his particular fight for overcome various traumas that undermined his mental health.

She is the only woman in history capable of winning two gold medals at the Olympic Games, as well as the one who has unified two divisions at the time of the four belts: she is champion of the four titles of the super welterweight after dominating middleweight.

Just last month, she beat Ema Kozin in Cardiff to retain three of those belts that make her the “GWOAT (Greatest Woman Of All Time)”, as she calls herself. t-rexthe nickname given to him by the boxing world, still has a big fight pending with Savannah Marshall, a woman who beat him in his amateur stage.

Boxer suffered sexual abuse

Within a proposal of Black History Month which is usually held in February in the United States, Sports Illustrated gives Shields a voice through its portal to talk about the traumas that have accompanied him during his career. The boxer explains that she wanted to start fighting at the age of 11, but she makes it clear that she has always had her maximum rival “out of the ring”.

“Dealing with the sexual abuse I suffered as a child and having to manage my mother’s struggle with alcohol, that was always my biggest obstacle,” explains Shields.

He specifies that these two frustrations led him to accumulate anger, the same one that he poured out on his rival when he got on the ring. Claressa explains that she is now able to control all that anger after overcoming the trauma she suffered at the age of five.

Shields also grew up with the stigma of being African American. “In our communities they created this stigma that there is something wrong with going for mental help. But everyone needs therapy. Everyone needs someone to talk to, to vent to,” she specifies.

“In the beginning, I boxed to show everyone that women can box, that I can fight. And to prove that I have a voice. But now that I’ve been able to deal with the things in my life that caused me mental stress, now boxing is fun for me“, Specifies the great super welterweight champion.

Who is boxer Claressa Shields?

American professional boxer.

Is a professional boxer American and mixed martial artist. She has held multiple world championships in three weight classes, including the undisputed women’s super welterweight title since March 2021.

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