Clarissa Molina announces the arrival of summer by taking off her clothes and putting on a rich bikini

“Let the summer begin,” says Clarissa Molina on Instagram. The young reporter from El Gordo y la Flaca announces the arrival of the heat by taking off her clothes from the program, putting on a rich and fresh bikini to tan in the sun. Since last year, the Dominican has shown the public how much can be achieved by giving yourself fully to exercise routines.

The model and actress has always been characterized as a woman with stylized curves, but exercise has led her not only to look slimmer but also toned.

It must be remembered that Clarissa Molina’s public is very aware of her, because she is about to marry her fiancé, the young businessman Vicente Saavedra. Programs like Gossip No Like have talked a lot about Ozuna’s former agent, however, nothing has been able to separate the Dominican from her beloved. About her relationship, she posted this message recently: “Our first anniversary my love. Who would have thought that you and I from that conversation of hours and hours, a day like today on a balcony in Punta Cana, would bring us so much happiness, love, union and change our lives forever. Since I met you everything changed, we were born for each other. I love you madly. Happy anniversary my love @saavedravicente”.

Now, continuing with the bikinazos of the summer, another celebrity who announced the summer by getting rid of her designer clothes was Jennifer López, but she did it a while ago on Instagram. Of course, JLo has no qualms about posing on her side or on her back to show her tail.

Different from Jennifer López and Clarissa Molina is Alexa Dellanos, the famous influencer who lives in an eternal summer, and it is that on her Instagram it is customary to find her in sexy, erotic and above all flashy swimsuits.

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