Clarissa Molina dazzles on Instagram with a photo never seen before

Clarissa Molina posted a photo and said “Photo never seen.” In the image, the Dominican presenter of El Gordo y la Flaca wears a frosty purple strapless suit and pants that has caused a sensation among her followers.

“Bathroom pictures! 💜”, he also added to the message on his Instagram account, where he has the luxury of having more than 3.1 million followers.

In addition to the outfit, highlights her hair gathered in a tail and wavy to the ends and her makeup in light tones, with greater depth in the eyes and multicolored earrings.

Constantly, the Dominican shares her outfits or exercise routines on this social network to the delight of those who follow her day by day and have seen how she has grown in her professional and artistic career.

“The best photos are in the bathroom 🙌😂😍🔥 regal as always”, Aleida Ortíz commented. “The New look I love it has a fresh air”, and “I love your outfit!”.

Clarissa Molina recently enjoyed a spectacular trip with her mother and her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra to the Exumas Islands, an island in the Bahamas, according to the location that He showed in some photographs where he showed his flat abdomen.

A very special trip! Mommy and the love of my life @saavedravicente! Tomorrow I will upload the complete video of the trip to Facebook of the whole trip! Earrings!” he said at the time.

In addition to this photograph in which she wears a nice blue swimsuit, sunglasses and a radiant smile, the Dominican in another post showed her face completely free of makeup and was told that she looked much more angelic natural than usual.

No makeup, no hairdo, just water and nature. Happy Monday and many blessings”He commented next to that image.

Look change

Before the end of the year 2021 Clarissa Molina decided to make a change of looknot so radical.

The Dominican presenter chose to wear her hair in lighter shades than usual and a few reflections that gave life to her hair.

The presentation of this new look was made wearing sensational boots above the knee with light shorts and a mustard-colored shirt.

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