Clarissa Molina dresses her entire body in orange and with complete elegance shows off her statuesque Latin figure

Clarissa Molina

Photo: Arthur Holmes/Getty Images

Clarissa Molina is the young reporter from El Gordo y la Flaca who has proven to be more than a pretty face in the world of television. In addition to being a talented young woman, she is a model, television host, businesswoman and actress. The young woman from the Dominican Republic is a true diamond on Univision.

Over the years, Clarissa Molina has also focused on showing off an enviable figure, especially healthy to feel good about herself. ANDHard and hard work exercising and eating healthy has paid off. And this is demonstrated by this fitted orange dress, which perfectly outlines her statuesque Latin body.

Pamela Silva has reacted to the publication of her Univision partner and has told her “Linda”. A word that infinitely perfectly describes the beauty of Clarissa Molina. It is clear that between Clarissa and Lili Estefan, fashion and beauty are the condiment of every day in El Gordo y la Flaca.

What would Raúl de Molina be without Clarissa and Lili. The program significantly would not be the same, and it is that these two females have managed to inject their personality and touch into the show.

Today, for example, Lili was not on the show, but Raúl de Molina and Clarissa agreed not only on the clothes because of the orange details, but also because they already know each other so much that they know how to react to each other.

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