Clarissa Molina pregnant? She clears doubts herself with an image

  • After rumors of presumed pregnancy, Clarissa Molina ‘reappears’ to clear doubts
  • Weeks after her courtship with Vicente Saavedra, Clarissa Molina, pregnant?
  • A photograph confirmed what many already suspected

After this weekend, the journalist Javier Ceriani, from Chisme no Like, unleashed speculation that Clarissa Molina was pregnant with her boyfriend of weeks Vicente Saavedra, now, the presenter of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ came out to clear up doubts with a powerful image.

And it is that the former beauty queen is in ‘the sights’ of all since they ‘surprised’ her with her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra and the supposed ‘bad reputation’ that the music businessman has, because the former couples denounced him for violence and In addition, years ago he was identified as an alleged accessory to murder along with his then represented, the singer Ozuna.

Clarissa Molina pregnant?

Clarissa Molina pregnant
Instagram: Clarissa Molina

As the journalists of Gossip no Like disclosed their relationship with Vicente Saavedra, Clarissa Molina had no choice but to accept it and announce it in ‘El Gordo y la flaca’, at which point the warnings began for the bad reputation of your partner.

However, a few days ago when wedding plans were rumored, since the former beauty queen had just said that Vicente Saavedra had already met her father, and that he had even given him a ring to make their relationship official, now some photographs aroused controversy of supposed pregnancy.

The photo of Clarissa Molina that clears doubts: pregnant?

Vicente Saavedra boyfriend of the driver

In recent publications of images of Clarissa Molina with Vicente Saavedra, the driver could be seen very happy celebrating her love on her birthday, at a party where she wore a black blouse close to the body with a belt on her belly, bulging?

According to reports by Javier Ceriani, speculations were unleashed that Clarissa Molina was pregnant because her body looked something ‘different’, although in the poses in which she was portrayed they could well be misinterpreted, because now Vicente Saavedra’s girlfriend showed off in a bikini .

Pregnant belly? Clarissa Molina clears doubts

Clarissa Molina pregnant?  By Vicente Saavedra

In her most recent image on board a yacht, Clarissa Molina does not look pregnant at all, on the contrary, she poses with her body in a bikini and her arms outstretched at dusk with dim light and making it quite clear that at the moment she is not pregnant since his relationship with Vicente Saavedra just began.

“Another sunset. Another sunset ”, were the words that Clarissa Molina wrote in her image with a white sun cap that matched her sexy black and white bikini, whose design looked perfect on her toned and slim body, which could not be passed off anywhere. like someone pregnant.

Despite the fact that Clarissa Molina is not pregnant, people still have doubts about her courtship

Clarissa Molina Pregnant?  Vicente Saavedra

In addition to ‘cheating’ on his body, several people seem to comment on their disagreement with Clarissa Molina’s courtship with Vicente Saavedra, as they made it known to him with opinions in the photo in a bikini: “And the groom’s daughters are not invited or not Do you want to take a picture of them for safety? ”,“ You can see that you are happy but watch out for the man ”.

“Finally a photo without the boyfriend”, “Let’s hope you don’t end up in court”, “Your interest is gaining baby, you will take a slap and in the end you will say that they are all the same”, “Clarisa you fell into the clutches of those lazy reggaeton players , I thought you were smarter, learn Thalia “,” He who is in love is blind “,” Now you can tell that they are giving you even to take away “, commented more people-

Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra more in love than ever

Vicente Saavedra boyfriend Clarissa Molina

Clarissa Molina pregnant. The famous Dominican model, Clarissa Molina is in a stage of her life where love is the only thing that matters, on different occasions she has been seen quite in love with her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra. Despite her dark past, Molina makes it known that she is the love of his life, but why is she so in love?

In recent days, the couple in love celebrated Vicente’s birthday together, and it was a couple of controversial images that the young man shared on his Instagram account that raised suspicions. In several snapshots, the driver of El Gordo y la Flaca appears touching her belly.

Clarissa Molina pregnant?

Clarissa Molina pregnant
Photo Instagram Vicente Saavedra

Previously, the 30-year-old model had shared an image where she wrote a romantic message to her partner due to her birthday. Internet users immediately did not let the occasion pass and rumors of an alleged wedding began, thanks to the love they have for each other.

It should be remembered that last year the beautiful and popular television host announced on social networks that she had a boyfriend, but what aroused the suspicion of many is that they did not know who her beau was until just a few weeks ago. Apparently his partner has a terrible reputation with his ex-girlfriends.

Clarissa Molina pregnant: Tests of possible pregnancy

 Clarissa Molina pregnant: Tests of possible pregnancy
Instagram photo

Through the Instagram account of Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend, a series of photographs were shared, of Vicente Saavedra’s birthday celebration. But those images raise suspicions of a possible pregnancy, since the Dominican touches her belly on several occasions.

“Thanks god! Thank you all for your good wishes and for the not so good ones you continue to motivate me to be better, definitely thanks. Thank you @clarissamolina my queen for two weeks of non-stop celebrations, thank you! I love you so much! ”Was the message he left in his post.

Clarissa Molina pregnant: “Do you notice a belly?”

"Do you notice a belly?"
Instagram photo
Even in the social network profile of Gossip No Like hosted by Javier Ceriani, he shows the images where the 30-year-old driver touches her belly on different occasions. So far they have not confirmed anything neither the Dominican nor her partner, but the ‘evidence’ is there.

“Clarisa Molina is celebrating Vicente Saavedra’s birthday, but apparently not only that, but also what could be the arrival of a baby. And it is that her boyfriend shared photos where the collaborator of El Gordo Y La Flaca is at all times clutching her belly as an instinct of what could be a pregnancy. What do they say…. Do you notice your belly? ”, Was what was said in the publication.

“He ate the cake before recess”

"He ate the cake before recess"
Instagram photo

Internet users immediately began to react to the post, leaving their opinion about it: “Al Rato is going to be like Ninel Conde“, “I don’t think they’re sweaty”, “he ate the cake before recess”, “Love makes make you fat ”,” Maybe he is not yet 3 months old. And she still doesn’t want to announce it ”.

“How fast whoever saw Ninel from Univisión”, “But she just uploaded a photo in a bathing suit with a belly flatter than a board”, “Ayyy noooo, it would be good hangs .. if he does that “,” They said the same about Belinda, but and if she is pregnant, her problem “,” Santa Clarissa does not break a plate “, were some comments.

“In this and the other life I choose you”

"In this and the other life I choose you"

A few days ago in a shared photograph you can see the romantic couple enjoying a day together at sea, Clarissa wears a sensual blue bikini while kissing her partner on the cheek. For his part, Vicente Saavedra is behind her without a shirt posing for the camera.

“In this and the next life I choose YOU a million times! May God always fill you with much life and health, and continue to be the great human being that you are, noble, with a great heart, a good son, a great father, and always ready to give the best of you. Happy Birthday my love!!! I love you Vi! ”, Wrote the model. Some images of this note come from the following video