Clarissa Molina shows off her new closet excitedly

Clarissa Molina will now be able to organize all her clothes in a dream closet.

Photo: Jose R. Madera/Getty Images

Clarissa Molina He is very happy and has shown it on his social networks showing off her new closetwhich was transformed by experts whom he thanks.

At the end of June the reporter from ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ said goodbye to her old closet with the illusion of transforming it into what he had always dreamed of. For this she sought the help of a team of Closet Detail specialists led by Katherin Fernández.

“And so Closet Detail magically (with a lot of work really) made me the closet as I envisioned it,” Molina wrote.

This text It was accompanied by a video in which the transition from the empty space to the closet is seen finished with drawers, shelves, lights and everything necessary for a fashion lover like Molina to have everything organized.

On the Instagram account of Closet Detail a video was also shared showing the final result and in this you can see that Katherin Fernández herself is very surprised by the final result and even compared the new closet to a building.

The comparison is valid because there are storage spaces from floor to ceiling, a feature that can be used in homes with high ceilings like this one.

Molina also shows that several of the spaces are not yet occupied, so you will still be able to buy more clothes and have a place to store them. “better than missing“The presenter joked.

Each of the partitions is occupied by different types of items such as handbags, sunglasses, accessories, pants, blouses, dresses and shoes.

The strategically placed lights are also striking to not only illuminate but also to create an attractive space.

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