Clarissa Molina tells Raúl de Molina to prepare her wedding suit

Update: Confirmed: Clarissa Molina marries Vicente Saavedra

  • Does Clarissa Molina ignore warnings about her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra?
  • The host of El Gordo y la Flaca tells Raúl de Molina to prepare his wedding suit
  • Have you just met him and are you already thinking about getting married? Clarissa Molina goes fast with her courtship

A few days after Clarissa Molina confirmed her engagement with Vicente Saavedra, a businessman who has been surrounded by controversy by his ex-partners and as the manager of the singer Ozuna, now the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ is already thinking about a wedding, at least so he made it known to Raúl de Molina.


Despite the fact that ‘Live gossip’ warned Clarissa Molina about her partner’s reputation, is the presenter already thinking about a wedding? At least that is how he let it glimpse in El Gordo y la Flaca these days when he admitted that he was in a relationship with Vicente Saavedra who gave him a ring but she had said it was not an engagement.

Clarissa Molina is planning a wedding with Vicente Saavedra?

Clarissa Molina talks about wedding
Instagram: El Gordo y la Flaca

And it is that months after they are dating, while Clarissa Molina is happy with life, Vicente Saavedra has had to face various things ‘from his past’ with his former women with whom he had legal problems for alleged domestic violence and one of them he even managed to get a restraining order against him.

In addition, the businessman and former manager of Ozuna was implicated in the alleged murder of a singer named Kevin Fret, so people were alarmed by the relationship between Vicente Saavedra and Clarissa Molina, who is already very much in love and for evidence what he asked to Raúl de Molina.

Raúl de Molina is shocked by Clarissa Molina’s request for her wedding?

Clarissa Molina tells Raúl de Molina wedding

“I want to tell you, I have received so many calls since yesterday that we spoke, I know that you had said here before about your engagement, about your courtship, from the Dominican Republic they called me to ask me ‘Hey Raúl, do you think it’s true that Clarissa is getting married? ‘”Raúl de Molina began by saying.

“And I want to ask you the question here in the program, tell me the truth, is there a possibility of marriage?” Says Raúl de Molina, meanwhile, Clarissa Molina only looked at him with expectant eyes and a serious but excited attitude. She answered what no one would expect and less with the controversial ‘history’ of her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra.

You’re already thinking about a wedding! Clarissa Molina tells Raúl de Molina to prepare his suit

Clarissa Molina tells Raúl De Molina about wedding

“Do you still have Hipólito’s number there, the one who makes your suits? Call him and I’ll let you know, ”Clarissa Molina answers very seriously about a possible wedding with Vicente Saavedra while Raúl de Molina reacts with a surprised face and says the following to the audience of the program:

“Aaaaa tuxedo to make me for the wedding,” the driver of El Gordo y la Flaca is heard saying, while questioning his partner about people’s comments to the news of her engagement with Vicente Saavedra and she replies: “All good Rauly very happy, everyone congratulating me that love finally came into my life, it has to be like that, they trust that everything will turn out very well, “he said.

People keep warning Raúl de Molina’s partner about her boyfriend’s ‘cloudy past’

Clarissa Molina and Raúl de Molina wedding

The comments to the video of Clarissa Molina appeared with more warnings from the people: “Oh Clarissa swimming so much to die on the shore then do not say that you did not know”, “Poor thing to her the same thing that will happen to Ninel Conde“, ” You were warned, but no one learns from someone else’s head “,” The poor thing is blind gave her a ring and is going to get married to shut up, time to time I wish her success and luck however she wants. ”

And more people expressed their concern for Raúl de Molina’s partner: “Is she going to get married? if just a few months ago he ended up with the other one ”,“ Until that announcement of the famous courtship Clari was the darling of the public, a beautiful girl, without scandals and who was going from strength to strength, now she is one more who enters the list of artists who They are in the eye of the hurricane and all for a gallant, ay Clari hopefully everything they say about him is a lie, be careful that the same was with the toupee Count so much was said about him, nobody believed, even the journalists defended him and look … to emphasize it, we all know how that story goes “,” Think about it. You should be smart, don’t let the luxuries blind you, my chula ”, people commented. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT CLARISSA MOLINA SAID TO RAÚL DE MOLINA

Alarmed? The driver is already thinking about a wedding with Vicente Saavedra

Raúl De Molina heard about the wedding

The program ‘Chisme en Vivo’ does not stop reporting on what is happening with Clarissa Molina since her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra announced to whom his bad reputation with women and scandals proceeds so it is not surprising when now executives from Univision gave the supposed ultimatum to the host of El Gordo y la Flaca.

Just when the former producer of El Gordo y la Flaca faces lawsuits for sexual harassment, Tania Charry does alleged business with Larry Ramos, now Clarissa Molina is in the eye of the hurricane since she announced that she was dating Vicente Saavedra who has problems with his ex women and even a lawsuit for linking him to alleged murder.

In trouble for her boyfriend?

Clarissa Molina boyfriend
Instagram: Live Gossip

Will the relationship cost the driver and former beauty queen her position at the company she works for? According to reports from Javier Ceriani, the producer of El Gordo y la Flaca, as well as Univisión executives, are not happy with the reputation of Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend.

Therefore, they assure that they have already put an ultimatum to the point of trying to decide whether his relationship with Vicente Saavedra or continue in the program … But apparently, Clarissa Molina does not care what they will say because she is quite in love.

Clarissa Molina does not care what they say about her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra

Clarissa Molina in danger from her boyfriend Vicente Saavedra

Are they going to run to Clarissa Molina from El Gordo y la Flaca, as well as from Univisión? She does not seem to care what they say about her boyfriend or the reputation she has for allegedly violent against her former women, mothers of her children, as well as the alleged complicity she would have had with Ozuna to murder the singer Kevin Fret.

“Last night we captured these images of the house of Mr. Vicente Saavedra where you can see her with those Cartier bracelets full of diamonds, and his little dog, there she says: First of all it is love, although tomorrow they bring me how they bring Ninel Conde, despite the fact that they are warning me and I don’t understand… ”, assured Elisa Beristain.

The host of El Gordo y la Flaca spends it at Vicente Saavedra’s house

Boyfriend Vicente Saavedra

In the images presented by ‘Live Gossip’ recorded from Clarissa Molina’s Instagram stories, you can see how the driver is very comfortable caressing Vicente Saavedra’s dog at home and writes ‘I want more love please’, in clear a sign that everything is going smoothly despite reports of the businessman’s reputation.

Javier Ceriani commented: “Remember that this man has two ex-women who took him to court for domestic violence, one has a restraining order, another boy has sued for homophobia and violence at the airport, be careful and in addition to everything else. that you have for Ozuna… ”, he assured.

The alarms are turned on by Clarissa Molina and her boyfriend

Vicente Saavedra boyfriend

Will all the accusations against Vicente Saavedra be true? Between what is known if true or not, people do not stop expressing their opinions and alarms go off by Clarissa Molina: “Warned war does not kill soldier! I thought that Clarsisa was smarter and more selective! “,” When they put her as a sieve there, the parents will go up a lot “,” Well my Clari investigates that man not so much, love or money, tranquility is priceless, She is too young to have a problem like this, you have a long way to go to meet boys and they will make you suffer ”.

“You don’t have to ask your bosses for permission at work to hang out with someone? Nobody knows what her plan is – she was already a beauty queen and she is already a television host but she lacks this push to go up a little more or a lot – maybe it will just be noise and then she moves away from him “,” What need does that have Single girl, no children, young man messing with that thing “,” Dominican finally goes to his own thing La Plata that is what he sees and is interested above all, the man is good and everything but to throw you on your head that is because there is interest his life is stronger than total enjoyment ”, expressed more people.

The strong track record of Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend

Dating puts the driver at risk

Just Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain from Chisme en Vivo discovered the identity of Clarissa Molina’s boyfriend, the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ had no choice but to accept it and tell it on her show, but now new secrets are being uncovered scored by Vicente Saavedra when we have the information.

When Clarissa Molina said with regret and emotion that she was very enthusiastic and that Vicente Saavedra had even given her a ring to ‘formalize’ the courtship, but not an engagement ring, people began to warn her about the serious past that Ozuna’s ex-manager has, Well, his ex-wife is terrified of him. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT CLARISSA MOLINA’S BOYFRIEND

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