Claudia Chiroque: “They cheated on me, he cried, swore and I doubted” | INTERVIEW

When Lima is still asleep, she starts her work schedule. While the vast majority are sound sleepers, this girl stands up and begins the path to the channel of Arequipa Avenue. Claudia Chiroque is the beautiful host of the news program ‘Good morning, Peru’, she becomes serious or smiles according to what is being transmitted on the screens. Outside the set, the lights and cameras, the north spirit emerges, charismatic, friendly and fun. He jokes with the workers and is almost never silent. It is one of the new faces that is getting into the hearts of the public.

What neighborhood are you from?

Santa Victoria, in Chiclayo.

They eat very rich there…

good thing

An emblematic dish?

Stripe omelette and corn pancake. If you haven’t tried that, you just passed through my town.

And you cook?

Terrible, my egg burnt.

Did it shock you to live in the capital?

I was surprised that people are hermetic.

For example?

In my land everyone greets each other, they say ‘uncle’ to the neighbors.

Has television changed you?

What you see on your screens is who I am.

Claudia Chiroque left Facebook and Twitter, in addition, on Instagram she blocks those who attack her. (Photos: Allengino Quintana / GEC)


Do you like media exposure?

I like more to be recognized for what I once did as a professional.

Do they praise you online?

Several times I had a load and decided to leave them, I left Twitter and Facebook.

Did any survive?

Instagram, but I block those who attack every day.

Do they recognize you on the street?

Not with a mask, but in the restaurants where I go the waiters come up to me and tell me that they saw me on television.

Did you have a sexist boyfriend?

No, although in a job I had people who wanted business strategies to be done only by men.

A phrase that those who think like this always repeat?

When you drive, they yell at you: ‘You had to be a woman, move on…’.


They cheated on you?


Your reaction?

It hurt me a lot, I don’t give second chances.

Do women put their drinks when they suffer for love?

With my group of friends we open a bottle of wine and cry, the pain of one belongs to all.

How to recognize a ‘cheater’?

He doesn’t answer the phone when you call him.

Anything else?

He only wants to go out on the day he says he can.


Turn on the radar or stay away.

Claudia Chiroque affirms that 'the cheater does not answer your calls'.  (Photos: Allengino Quintana / GEC)

Claudia Chiroque affirms that ‘the cheater does not answer your calls’. (Photos: Allengino Quintana / GEC)

Are you bored when they only talk about your work?

It happened to me. After television I just want to rest or disconnect from all that information that I must have in a newscast.

How should your partner be?

Someone to get me out of all that stress.

And what do you think of the man who always says: ‘You choose’?

I need him to propose and to know me so well, that he knows where we should go.

Does a man who cries in front of you bother you?

No, but not crocodile tears.

I pass you?

The one who cheated on me cried, swore and I doubted.


And then when you saw him again, what did you think?

For this thing did I grieve? For this h… I cried, ha ha ha.


Not at all.

Don’t you check Facebook?

If that happens, run away.

Do you ask for a password?

No, a relationship should give you peace.

Are you friends with an ‘ex’?

If there are not problems.

A professional emotion?

The message I received from a friend of my dad: ‘The joy that television has given us is seeing you on the most iconic newscasts in Peru.’

That is beautiful…

Until very recently, I turned on the television and watched the news, now I’m there.

A blooper?

Every day I confuse the reporters, I say the wrong time, ha ha ha.

Fan of…?

Lima Alliance.

Did your team drop?

We are playing in First Division and I have discussed it with the cameramen, who are all from the ‘U’.

If the creams are called ‘hens’, how do you call the blue and white?


I’ve heard them say ‘cag…’.

No, no, please, ehhhh.

A big hug and thanks for your statements…

A pleasure to talk with you and do not forget to see us from Monday to Friday, from 5 to 9:30 in the morning.

This time there is no need to highlight her beauty, because she must be used to that. Their answers are to be commended, they have nothing to do with appearances and are pure sincerity. The Spanish writer Ángel Ganivet said it and she reaffirms it with her attitude: ‘Sincerity does not oblige you to say everything, but what you say is what you think’.


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