Claudia Serpa does LIVE on Instagram, but gets embarrassed showing more than the account [VIDEO]

What an embarrassment! Singer Claudia Serpa connected with his followers in a live broadcast on Instagram, however, he did not imagine that everything would end badly. The artist was trying to change her clothes, but she did not realize that she showed part of her bust.

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Excuse me, but Claudita’s reaction and her face gave me more grace than the fact itself, I love her said the charismatic Samuel Suárez from Instarándula, who highlighted the moment.

Claudia Serpa appears in the images with a lilac top and with her hands trying to untie the polo shirt, but she screams when she realizes that she is showing her bust to her thousands of followers who were on live.

“My boob was seen, no, no, my boob was seen” said the model, who disappeared immediately, laughing.

“Ratujas pass, beautiful Claudita, the next one that does not make broadcasts changing clothes and less than leaving your live uploaded” Samu said again.

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Claudia Serpa is not looking for love

Weeks ago, Claudia Serpa gave an interview to Trome and stated that she is “lazy” to fall in love, because she feels very calm single because she wants to dedicate herself one hundred percent to her family and does not want to come across any toxin in her life

“I have started 2022 very well, I received it with my family and we had a lot of fun at home. I have asked for a lot of health for this year, it is the most important thing in life. Love? Well, right now I’m too lazy to fall in love, commented the also-comic actress.

“For a long time I have been alone and I feel very good like this, calm, I feel much more independent, I can go out wherever I want without asking for permission, without notifying anyone, without having to run into any poison, because many do not understand my work”, she added.

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