Clean a pool with green water, Internet users are surprised

Professional shows in social networks how lclean a pool with green waterthe man uses some chemical products and ends up leaving the water transparent.

We know that detergents, disinfectants and others have endless uses, some are used for dishes, clothes and in some more specific cases, for swimming pools or “swimming pools”.

It is this fact that has been demonstrated by a man who took the challenge and cleans the pool with very green waterwhat he said was needed was good maintenance.

Clean a pool with green water

The man showed how a swimming pool with green water can be left in perfect condition. Content ideas, show the behind your work.

Today the cleaning expert has become more important, so this professional showed that a large pool that was filled with “well water” and took on a peculiar inconspicuous color.

With some chemicals, chlorine and other types of products, the professional left the water clean, so the users reacted dismayed with the aesthetics.

  • “Not everyone has the benefit of bathing in lemon Gatorade”
  • “wow, that’s how you work, congratulations”
  • “So many chemicals are not bad for health”
  • “strangely comfortable”
  • “fascinating and satisfying”

The TikTok video has reached more than 200 thousand reactions in the video in less than 24 hours.

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Media networks to promote your work

Content ideas, show the behind your work.

Social networks are not only a means of entertainment, some have used it to promote their work, such as the professional who cleaned a green pool.

This is because the new generations have more of a cell phone with open networks than advertisements.

It was so this man showed how he cleans a pool with green water and it leaves it impeccable and it is that in the video it says that it is a semi-Olympic pool.

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