Cleaning worker finds newborn baby in garbage dump in Iran

Iran.- What could have been a tragedy has turned into a heroic rescue. In Iran a newborn baby was found abandoned in the garbage. The infant was located by a local cleaning worker.

The discovery of the newborn found in the garbage was made known because the heartbreaking photographs and the story were spread through the social mediawhich caused the case to go around the world.

According to local and international media, the cleaning worker heard small sounds of breathingwhich came from a plastic bag that was found inside a garbage container located in the Abad neighborhood in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

The man is said to have picked up a case to put on the pavement in front of a crowd. Upon unwrapping the package, he could see a newborn baby who was crying, drenched in blood and still with the umbilical cordl attached to his small body.

Realizing that the minor was still breathing, the cleaning worker proceeded to peel off all the plastic as fast as he could so that the baby could breathe properly.

As reported by newflash, the man called the emergency services, which arrived at the indicated place and proceeded to take the baby to a health clinic near the place where he was found. On the health of the newborn, it was reported that this, so far, is stable.

Likewise, it was announced that the authorities of the capital of the eastern country have begun an investigation into the case in order to identify the people who abandoned the infant in the garbage.

According to the Iranian Resistance Movement organization, most of the parents of babies who are abandoned at birth are people who live in situations of povertyso, in their desperation, they leave the infants to their fate.

“The dark reality is that the parents of these babies, who live in poverty, are so desperate that they have no choice but to abandon their newborns,” said a spokesman for the organization.

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In recent years, Iran has experienced a deep crisis of abandoned children, said the former director of welfare problems at the Ministry of the Interior, reporting that around thousand children under 3 years old are abandoned each year in the nation.

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