Club América player Julián Quiñones secures a spot with the Mexican National Soccer Team

Club América star Julián Quiñones transitions to the Mexican National Team after receiving FIFA approval and fulfilling necessary requirements.

Julián Quiñones, the Club América standout, has finalized the necessary paperwork allowing him to represent the Mexican National Team in upcoming matches. With this, Quiñones, a Colombian native, joins a distinguished group of naturalized players who have donned the colors of the Mexican National Team.

A Longstanding Connection to Mexico

Quiñones’ relationship with Mexico began when he was just 17 years old. He was scouted and brought to the country by Club Tigres from his homeland, Colombia. Over time, his bond with the nation grew stronger. He married a woman from Monterrey and together, they have a son. Having lived in Mexico since his late teens, Quiñones has established deep roots in the country.

From Club América to the National Team

ESPN has reported that after successfully navigating the procedures with Concacaf and subsequently FIFA, Quiñones faces no hurdles in representing Mexico at the international level. The path to this significant moment involved demonstrating all the necessary prerequisites to Concacaf and then securing approval from the FIFA Player’s Committee.

Jaime Lozano, the coach of the Mexican National Team, now has the option to enlist Quiñones for the CONCACAF Nations League games next month against Honduras. A successful outcome in these matches could pave the way for Mexico’s entry into the Copa América. With this new opportunity, Quiñones is poised to compete alongside notable players such as Santiago Gimenez, Raul Jimenez, and Henry Martin.

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The Tradition of Naturalized Players

Quiñones’ inclusion continues a tradition of naturalized players representing Mexico. Some recent additions to this esteemed list include:

  • Gabriel Caballero (Argentina)
  • Christian Giménez (Argentina)
  • Antonio Naelson “Shinha” (Brazil)
  • Leandro Augusto (Brazil)
  • Guillermo Franco (Argentina)
  • Matias Vuoso (Argentina)
  • Lucas Ayala (Argentina)
  • Rogelio Funes Mori (Argentina)

Notably, Santiago Giménez, currently with Feyenoord, was naturalized by his parents, despite having lived in Mexico from a young age.

As anticipation builds, soccer enthusiasts eagerly await the forthcoming player list for the Mexican National Team, with many expecting Quiñones to be among the announced names.