Coca-Cola changes the recipe for its Coke Zero

Coca-Cola has reformulated its Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and has also made a change to the packaging design. According to the company, the recipe changes were made with the intention of improving the flavor “to provide an even more iconic Coca-Cola flavor.”

This would not be the first reformulation that Coca-Cola has made of its sugar-free drink. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar launched on the market in 2005, It was first reformulated in 2017 to bring its flavor even closer to Coca-Cola.

“We are focused on continuous improvement to bring fans the best tasting Coca-Cola they want, with no sugar and no calories,” said Rafael Prandini, chief at Coca-Cola TM, North America Operating Unit.

The new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has not been more delicious for everyone

Before being launched in the United States, the reformulated Coke Zero had already been on the shelves of Europe and Latin America for months. Some UK consumers did not notice a difference in taste, others said it tastes flatter and more syrupy than the original.

According to the soft drink company, the reaction of consumers in the taste tests had been positive. However, after it hit the US market this month, not all consumers have given Coca-Cola Zero good ratings and they have shared their outrage through social media. Among the comments you can read messages such as:

“I opened a can of Coke Zero yesterday and was wondering why it was so flat!” I open a new one, the same. Now I see that the recipe has changed !!! “

– “It tastes like bleach or pee now. Coke zero what have you made !! Disgusting!!”.

– “Coca-Cola Didn’t you learn anything when they changed Coca-Cola years ago? The new Coke Zero is no good! Yuck! Stop spoiling a good thing! “

The company did not elaborate on its formula and only limited itself to noting that all the listed ingredients and nutritional information remain the same.

The new packaging for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar highlights its new formula with the message “Now More Delicious”.

Coca-Cola has made this change as part of an imposed category of its light and diet drinks that are aimed at a market in which they need to innovate to stay ahead and increase their income. Last year, the soft drink company had its biggest drop in quarterly revenue in at least three decades.

The new Coke Zero, now available on shelves in the United States, will be in Canada beginning in August, with full distribution in September.

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