Coca-Cola: Mexicans are the world’s largest consumers

Coca-Cola: Mexicans are the world’s largest consumers

Coca-Cola is the most consumed soft drink in Mexico.

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Mexicans are the largest soft drink consumers worldwide, especially Coca-Cola. In 2019, the National Autonomous University of Mexico took up data from the Yale University in which it was announced that the Mexicans have an average consumption of soft drinks of 163 liters per person per year, 40 percent more than the United States with 118 liters.

“Its anchorage in the Mexican diet from the cradle to the grave persists in society, which makes it difficult to give up these drinks, even among people with diabetes, “said Florence L. Theodore, a researcher at the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico.

Theodore highlights that marketing links the brand with modernity, relaxation, Mexicanness, happiness and even family life, elements that contribute to the lasting incorporation of these drinks into the daily diet of the Mexican.

Mexicans consume on average more than 745 Coca-Cola drinks per year

The Coca-Cola Company statistics and facts from updated to September 2020 indicate that Mexicans are drinking more Coca-Cola in the world, noting that consumers in Mexico they drink an average of 745 Coca-Cola drinks per year.

“On average, a Mexican family allocates 10 percent of its total income to the purchase of soft drinks”Reports El Poder del Consumidor. 70% of the national consumption of bottled sugary beverages that are drunk in Mexico are products of the Coca-Cola brand.

Chiapas, the state where the most Coca-Cola is sold

Chiapas is the region of the world where Coca-Cola is most drunk, a state in southern Mexico where the average consumption per person is five times higher than in the rest of the country and 32 times more than the world average, according to a study presented in 2019 by the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (Conacyt).

Conacyt data in 2019 reported the average consumption of soft drinks per year in Chiapas of 821.25 liters; the consumption in Mexico of 150 liters, in the United States of 100 liters and in the world of 25 liters.

The high consumption of Coca-Cola is highlighted in the Los Altos de Chiapas region, where the majority of its population is indigenous and rural, part of a state that lives in a situation of poverty and that despite having great natural water resources they have suffered from a lack of access to clean water.

Coca-Cola is present in the diet of Mexicans from an early age

Coca-Cola has been present in the diet of Mexicans since they are children. In San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas), “to 3% of children under six months, their mothers give them Coca-Cola, at a time when they should only drink breast milk“Dr. Marcos Arana, researcher at the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, told BBC Mundo.

“The population built around sugary drinks and soft drinks practical life in almost all daily circumstances, combined with identity senses and values ​​around coexistence, celebrations, rituals and positive emotions that have been reinforced by the same marketing in several generations ”Says Florence L. Theodore.

The negative impact of soft drinks on health

Sugary drinks are the largest source of added sugar in the diet. Beyond weight gain, the Harvard School of Public Health notes that routinely drinking these sugar-laden beverages can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. Additionally, increased consumption of sugary beverages has been linked to a fiery risk of premature death.

Since 2000, diabetes mellitus in Mexico is the leading cause of death among women and the second among men.

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