Coca-Cola to partner with Corona to create alcoholic beverage

Coke will partner with the brewery Crown Constellation Brands for launch an alcoholic version of your Fresca soda, dubbed Fresca Mixed, the company announced in a press release.

The new beverage, which marks the company’s third foray into the spirits world, is expected to ship this year.

In 2018, the company launched Lemon-Dou, a canned lemon cocktail, in Japan. Two years later he teamed up with Molson Coors to launch Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in the United States.

With the support of Corona, “Fresca Mixed” will be created

The drink to be launched will be a variant of Fresca The drink is popular all over the world

Fresca, a soda with calorie-free grapefruit and citrus flavor, is currently “the fastest growing trademark in the company’s soft drink portfolio in the US,” the company notes.

Fresca Mixed, the “ready-to-drink” cocktail, will hit store shelves later this year, the soda company announced.

“Constellation’s consumer-centric approach, entrepreneurial spirit, expansive distribution network and distilled distribution expertise make them an ideal choice for bringing Fresca Mixed to market,” Dan White, Head of New Sources, said in a statement. of income from the soft drink company.

This soft drink company is one of several beverage producers that are coming up with nNew ways to combine alcohol with popular soft drinks.

PepsiCo announced last August that it will partner with Sam Adams producer Boston Beer Company to launch alcoholic Mountain Dew, dubbed HRD MOUNTAIN DEW, in early 2022. The drink will be 5% alcohol by volume and will come in three. Flavors: Standard Original (essentially, dewy-flavored Mountain), Black Cherry, and Watermelon.

How did Coca-Cola originate?

The drink is popular all over the world

On May 8, 1886, while the pharmacist John S. Pemberton used with the formula of a medicinal principle based on a syrup (still secret) and natural water, accidentally mixed this compound with carbonated water, getting a delicious and refreshing flavored drink, which would become Coca-Cola, which is now a great soft drink company.

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