Cofepris falsify health cards in QRoo

A mafia that sold hundreds of health cards to work in Quintana Roo during the pandemic, which operated from the very Cofepris, ruined the verification work of the government of Quintana Roo to the more than 1,600 hotels, as well as restaurants and food businesses in the northern part of the state, under the management of Miguel Alejandro Pino Murillo.

From the office that commanded Miguel Alejandro Pino Murillo, former director of Cofepris in the entity, a group of public servants sold, without any control and exchange for 400 pesos each, the health cards that workers must process, after undergoing medical examinations to certify that they are healthy.

An investigation carried out by La Verdad confirmed that it was enough to send a photo by WhatsApp, give the name of a person and pay 400 pesos, to avoid the sanitary controls and receive, a few days later, the official health card that allows any person, sick or not, to manipulate food and beverages, and to live with clients and tourists without the risk of being detected.

A photo from the internet and a made-up name are not an obstacle to forging a health credential with Cofepris Quintana Roo Image of a movie actor for false credential Cofepris

AmericanPost.News obtained a health card issued in the name of Esteban Cázares Ramos, which is full proof of the corruption of the officials of Cofepris in Cancun.

The ex-director of the organization himself, Miguel Alejandro Pino MurilloBefore leaving office, he acknowledged that at first glance and through a scanned image that was shown to him, the document appears to be true.

And it is that it has the QR code that contains the true credentials, the signature of Julio Eduardo Mendoza Álvarez is the official one, and also, the document contains the holograms that “guarantee” that it is a true credential.

But in the research carried out by La Truth News, it was confirmed that the photograph is not of the person who says the document, but is about Ricky Sekhon, an unknown British actor of Hindu descent, who gave life to Osama Bin Laden in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty.”

It should be noted that this media did not pay for the card, one of the officials themselves, by way of complaint, processed and exhibited the way in which officials operate from Cofepris to sell the credentials, violating the blood controls that Cofepris must apply to be able to obtain it.

“This has been done, those who need it send us their data by phone, a photo that is good, like this one, and we ask one of those who do the procedure for us at the Cancun office; when it arrives they let us know ”, explained the complainant.

Days after showing how he ordered the credential, he showed how he received the card that is in the possession of this medium, and that it meets all the specifications that the authorities have indicated that it must contain.

In it you can clearly see the holograms that are supposed to guarantee “authenticity”, and that the mafia inside Cofepris manipulates to issue false credentials.

300 counterfeit

With the mafia entrenched in Cofepris, health controls during the covid-19 pandemic were violated, he himself acknowledged Miguel Alejandro Pino Murillo, who said that since 2020 a digital platform has been launched in Quintana Roo to issue the cards, and try to combat corruption.

“Last year the state governor launched the card platform, since the falsification of large amounts of health cards was detected in the state,” he explained a few weeks ago in an interview, before requesting a medical license under his charge in the dependence.

But that anti-corruption system of Cofepris has been violated by Cofepris officials themselves, particularly those in charge of the Cancun office, where the health card dealers They managed to obtain the false certification of the actor who played Bin Laden, since the document is valid until March 14, 2022.

Image of Movie actor for false credential Cofepris

Own Pino Murillo recognized that they are infiltrated by the card mafia, and to date they have detected around 300 micas that were sold without the necessary sanitary controls established by Cofepris.

“Because it was detected that there was a small mafia in the state, where they were apparently erasing or cleaning cards and reprinting them, which made it difficult for a verifier when verifying the identification to detect whether it was true or false, because the plastics they were issued by the institution.

“To state that we have detected in various parts, especially in the northern part of the state, it has been detected mainly in Solidaridad and Cancun, the detection of these false results, which are already known to the Prosecutor’s Office (Quintana Roo) because people have been detected and notified as such for the pertinent investigations, “he admitted.

Cofepris officials themselves, who for fear of reprisals request anonymity, assure that every Friday, Pino Murillo arrived in Cancun to receive one of his collaborators, identified as Francisco Hernández Becerra, who irregularly issues the cards, through agency employees.

but Pino claimed not to be involved, and asserted that his income has always been audited and has no inconsistencies, but reiterated that they have detected the falsified credentials.

“To state that so far this last year around 300 counterfeit cards have been detected that are detected through the system, which is given to them, they are notified, and I say this specifically for workers: the function of the Cofepris It is not affecting them or putting them in jail, or damaging their moral capacity, but they are not giving another option but to make the corresponding tax complaints, and it is a federal crime ”, he admitted.