Cold front caused distance from the sea in the port of Progreso

On the morning of this Tuesday, January 4, a phenomenon known as low tide or marine emptying was registered, which consists of the distance from the sea by several meters, which was recorded due to the effects of cold front number 19.

This phenomenon surprised the inhabitants of the port, as well as tourists who visited the beaches of the Traditional Malecón of Progreso, which woke up with several meters of sand exposed.

The sea receded several meters. This phenomenon revealed a layer of sargassum. The ports are closed to navigation.

This event laid bare lots of sargassum on the beach, so the staff of the Progreso City Council began to clean up the area.

It is worth mentioning that it is the second consecutive day that this phenomenon is seen in Yucatecan things, since yesterday it was registered on the beaches of Telchac Puerto.

It is reported that this phenomenon called low tide is due to the presence of cold front 19, which entered this Monday, January 3, around 2:00 p.m. and the effects of the moon.

Cold front will continue to affect the coasts of Progreso

This phenomenon revealed a layer of sargassum. The ports are closed to navigation.

As we already disclosed in AmericanPost.News, the frontal system will continue to leave its effects on the Yucatan Peninsula and consequently on the coasts of Progreso.

For this Tuesday, January 4, a cool to cold environment is expected during sunrise, as well as a slight increase in maximum temperatures at noon with a temperate environment.

Due to the strong winds that left the frontal system about 50 kilometers per hour, power line failures were reported.

The ports are closed to navigation.

For its part, the Port Authority ordered the closure of the ports to the navigation of larger vessels from Monday and until further notice due to the fact that the cold front left an increase in the waves.

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