Colombian artist Maluma takes Tomorrowland 2023 by storm in Boom, Belgium

Maluma joins Guatemalan-American DJ Gordo, amplifying Latin presence at the global electronic music fest Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland 2023, one of the world’s most prestigious electronic music festivals, recently set the stage alight in Boom, Belgium. This monumental event, known for bringing together the most renowned DJs globally, has also built a tradition of inviting diverse artists to present electronic interpretations of their collaborative works.

As the event kicked off, it was Colombian artist Maluma who captured the audience’s attention with a thrilling surprise performance.

A successor to Karol G, who graced the stage with Tiësto in 2022, waving the Colombian flag, Maluma continued the representation of Colombian artists on the international stage. Echoing the sentiment of a former Miss Universe, Maluma’s presence reaffirmed that “today we are managing to lead different scenarios worldwide.”

The festival, which was streamed globally, saw the Antioquian artist Maluma perform the song “Parcera” with DJ Gordo, a Guatemalan-American DJ who commands a substantial standing in the electronic music genre. The performance had millions of people from across the globe riveted on its premiere day.

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On the sprawling stage, Maluma could be heard roaring, “Latinos… Colombia in the house hujep%$&…”. This proclamation reverberated throughout the venue and was further amplified by the videos he reposted on his InstaStories. One of the videos notably featured a Colombian flag being waved in the audience, reinforcing the Colombian presence at the festival.

The reaction to Maluma’s performance was overwhelmingly positive. Various comments on the Antioquian’s stories echoed sentiments such as, “Ay, Maluma is here…”; “Come on, Colombia in the house,” “So cool,” “Incredible Maluma,” “Latinooo,” and more. The festival’s Instagram account also shared a snippet of the performance, highlighting the palpable chemistry between Maluma and DJ Gordo, considered one of the finest DJs in the world.

At Tomorrowland 2023, Maluma followed in the footsteps of fellow Colombian artist Karol G. In 2022, she performed on the same stage, carrying the Colombian flag with pride, replicating her previous success at Coachella. That year’s lineup featured renowned artists such as Diplo, Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Alan Walker, and even Paris Hilton.

In 2022, there were rumors that Karol G was present backstage, with sources reporting a dressing room bearing her name on the morning of Friday, July 29. It was this moment, carried forward by Maluma, that reaffirmed the Colombian presence on the global stage, continuing to say “present” in diverse international scenarios.