Colombian artists Karol G and Maluma collaborate with Brazilian producer Dennis on a remix of “Tá OK

Colombian stars join Brazilian producer to remix hit, infusing reggaeton rhythm and filming a multi-city video.

In a cross-continental musical collaboration, Colombian artists Karol G and Maluma have journeyed to Brazil to work with Dennis, a renowned Brazilian music producer. The result of this joint effort is a remix of the year’s Brazilian hit, “Tá OK,” a tune that brings together the unique vibes of Medellin and Rio – the home cities of Dennis and singer Kevin o Chris. This remixed number is complemented by a music video filmed across Brussels, Los Angeles, and Rio de Janeiro.

In a statement, Sony – the record label backing the project – spoke about the musical elements of the remix. “The melody, while retaining its original funk samples and electronic drums, now exudes the unmistakable heat of reggaeton’s rhythm,” the statement read. Colombian stars Karol G and Maluma contribute to this fusion, singing and speaking in Portuguese to match the Brazilian beat.

The accompanying music video, under the direction of Phill Mendonça, incorporates the Carioca aesthetic of dancing bodies. It opens with a video call between Dennis and Maluma, establishing a unique intersection between the thumping tamborzão of 2000s funk and the irresistible Latin rhythm of reggaeton. This mix is hailed in the statement released to EFE as a “very special connection.”

Maluma, in a seductive, lyrical interlude, proclaims, “I feel like I’m in Rio,” before launching into song in portuñol. His partner in melody, Karol G, calls for dancing and merriment with her lines, “Hey, baby, what’s to do? After this pal’ hotel,” before closing the song with a tantalizing invite, “I want to see you sweat.”

The collaboration’s genesis traces back to the Brazilian producer who introduced a few elements to Maluma via Sony. “But then came the pandemic, and everything stopped,” he elucidated, until “Tá OK” climbed to the top of the world.

‘Ta Ok’, the Fresh Sound from Karol G and Maluma

Reflecting on the journey of the remix, Dennis said, “I thought, ‘Man, I think it’s time. I’m going to call Maluma to do the remix with me.’ It worked super well! He was very impressed, he sent me the voice quickly, and the music was ready in days.” Karol G joined the collaboration at a later stage, but uniting the two stars is seen as a “great achievement” and a “victory” for the Brazilian music producer.

The Colombian artist expressed her excitement about being part of the song, “I’m very excited to be part of this song that I love so much… I respect, love and enjoy their culture and I can’t wait for them to listen to it, to dance to it and sing it together there… IN BRAZIL.” Karol G, riding the wave of success following her album “Mañana será bonito” (Tomorrow will be beautiful), seems set to conquer more hearts with this new collaboration.