Colombian boxer who left his rival in a coma was sorry for how things ended [Video]

Photo: FRANK FRANKLIN II/POOL / AFP / Getty Images

José Muñoz, the Colombian boxer who knocked out his compatriot Luis Quiñonez to such an extent that he had to put him in a coma, expressed his regret for the way things ended and stated that he would like to “turn back the clock” to avoid what happened.

Muñoz released a statement in which he expressed his regret for the situation. “I never thought that a dream could turn into a real nightmare,” he initially expressed.

“The desire to succeed in life put us on the same path, but for those things in life and especially in the profession we chose, today you (Quiñónez) are in a situation we never imagined,” he added.

Both fighters were competing for the national title in the junior welterweight category when in the eighth round, Luis Quiñonez was knocked out and was left lying in the ring, so he had to be attended to by medical personnel and was subsequently transferred to a hospital in Barranquilla.

Quiñonez underwent surgery for a blood clot in his brain and was left in an induced coma until now he remains in an intensive care unit (ICU) and his prognosis is reserved.

It should be noted that the two boxers have been “partners and friends,” which is where Muñoz’s overflowing concern stems from and his desire to “be able to turn back the clock and that this would not have happened.”

“It’s inevitable that I can’t help but imagine being in your situation, and I question why it happened to you,” he lamented. “I wish with all my heart that you recover and get up from there to continue fighting for your dreams,” the boxer said.