Colombian soccer cries: Atlético Nacional fans gave a creepy beating to a Santa Fe fan [Video]

The public returned to Colombian soccer, and did it in the worst way. Fans of Atlético Nacional and Independiente Santa Fe started a camp battle that left the sport very badly. One of the fans of the “Cardenal” suffered more than the rest when he was beaten on the floor by up to four people, without mercy.

The images are regrettable: the fan is knocked out and is left unconscious on the floor, at which point many rival fans take advantage of the defenseless man, who receives kicks all over the body.

Because of the way he was attacked, the ending could have been fatal. Fortunately, it was not. Claudia López, mayor of Bogotá, reported that the brutally beaten fan “is out of danger.” In addition, he added that the rest of the injured are out of danger.

Three assailants were arrested until the early hours of last Wednesday.

The pitched battle continued on the field. Both fans invaded the field of play and tried to attack each other with the billboards. It all happened while the teams were in the locker room after the first half. The meeting was stopped for up to an hour.

The most surprising thing is that the game continued once the situation was controlled. However, the result was the least in an unforgettable evening because of the deplorable events.

Colombian football cries.

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