Colombian Yuberjén Martínez received a symbolic medal and donation for imposed by Mariana Pajón

Colombian Yuberjén Martínez received a symbolic medal and donation for imposed by Mariana Pajón

The Colombian boxer Yuberjen Martinez He received this Friday a symbolic medal and a donation through a solidarity campaign promoted by his compatriot and triple Olympic medalist Mariana Pajon for considering “unfair” the result that the boxer obtained the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

A controversial ruling left Martínez at the gates of the medal in Tokyo at 54 kilograms, as the judges gave the Japanese Ryomei Tanaka as the winner, despite the fact that he left the ring in a wheelchair.

“I did not think that we were going to touch the hearts of so many Colombians,” said the boxer after receiving a check for a value greater than 290 million pesos (more than $ 750,000 dollars).

The money was raised in the 8,597 donations registered during the seven days that the #LaMedallaTeLaPoneColombia campaign lasted, organized by Pedaleando por un Sueño, Fundación de Mariana Pajón.

Will share the donation

The Olympic runner-up in Rio 2016 described as unprecedented the mobilization that took place in his country to raise the money that he would have obtained if he achieved the medal in the jousts in Tokyo.

“They are things that have never been seen in sport; Today it happened with me, it may happen tomorrow with someone else ”, declared Martínez, at a press conference.

The ‘Tremendo’, as the charismatic athlete calls himself, confirmed at the event held in Medellín that the amount collected will be shared with the rest of the boxing team that participated in the fair.

“That a whole country has come together in favor of my dreams and those of my colleagues is gratifying for all the sacrifice we make,” added the fighter.

Martínez arrived accompanied by the also boxer Céiber Ávila, with whom he hopes to make the jump to the professional branch soon without taking his eyes off Paris 2024, where he will go for the gold.

Brotherhood between athletes

As part of the event, the boxers held an improvised exhibition in a small ring, to which they invited the bicrocista Mariana Pajón, who also put on the gloves and exchanged some light blows to learn some of the good technique of her compatriots.

“I am recharged with energy and without any blow from Yuberjen,” Pajón said with a laugh, gold in London 2012 and Rio 2016, and silver in Tokyo 2020.

The award-winning athlete surprised Martínez with a symbolic medal to round off the objective of the campaign she led, considering that the results obtained by the boxing team do not correspond to what they delivered in the ring.

“It could not stay like this because they fight to be champions, to bring a medal to their families and those who support them,” said Pajón.

He added, in addition, that beyond the pride that comes from receiving a medal in jousts, he took into account “what was behind: the financial support that (boxers) stopped receiving to support his family and his preparation. It was not fair”.

Finally, he highlighted the brotherhood that emerged among the Colombian delegation during its stay in Japan, and that led it to conclude that “when there are injustices one joins, even with athletes of another modality.”

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