Colorado patient stabs doctor after confessing to sexually abusing girl

Lakewood police have asked for help finding this man who stabbed a doctor.

Photo: Lakewood Police Dept./Courtesy

Lakewood police have launched a search for a man who registered as patient at a medical center located in the 300 block of West Jefferson Avenue in Lakewood County and stabbed a local doctor.

In accordance with the images of a video that was released by the authoritiesyou can see a man enter the place and wait impatiently for his turn to be served.

after a few minutes the doctor and the man are seen coming out of a cubicle; the aggressor corners his victim in the middle of one of the central corridors of the medical center and says a few words to him while pointing a sharp weapon at him.

According to official Lakewood police information, the assailant told the doctor “He didn’t treat me because I raped a girl” before attacking it.

The aggressor, seeing that the man was badly injured on the floor, left the medical center at full speed, while local specialists began to attend to his colleague, who is known He suffered serious injuries and his condition is critical but stable.

Throught social media, the Lekewood department alerted society about the criminalissued a wanted alert and shared the video where the assailant can be seen.

Site staff have described the assailant as a tall, slim-complexioned, white-skinned man, wearing glasses, acne on his face, a scruffy beard and between the ages of 20 and 30. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867) and reference Lakewood Police case number LK22-013765.

It should be noted that the complaint that any citizen makes regarding this man will remain anonymous.

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