Colorado woman fired from restaurant for being ‘too sexy’

a girl from Colorado was taken from a restaurant for being “too sexy“, This was revealed through his account TikTok.

The user identified as @willowtreedarko told his story that was immediately placed among the most viewed on the famous Chinese platform.

In the video, the woman is seen having dinner in the city of Castle Rock, located in Coloradowhen someone from the staff approached her to inform her that her attire had offended other diners.

They suggested to the young woman to take her drink and leave the establishment, for which she expressed her annoyance in her official profile where she revealed that it all started when a woman surprised her husband seeing her.

“You said multiple guests complained, I’m confused. Multiple guests complained? What did I do? “Asked the young woman at the request of the employee of the place.

“You are very poorly dressed. Sometimes we have to wear a little more clothes”, added the waiter telling him that he should wear something that “covered his butt”.

Aware that she did nothing wrong, the girl made it clear that “I was sad at first, but then, when I got home, I realized that they had kicked me out of the restaurant for being too sexy”.

The comments in support were immediate, they were so many that the woman decided to privatize her account, since she recognized that she did not expect her to receive so much love.

“If your clothes were a problem, they should have said something when you first walked in”, “Flagrant discrimination” and “I’m so sorry this happened to you” were part of the reactions on social networks.

TikTok has become the fashionable platform for young and old to express their feelings, emotions and in this case their dissatisfaction with the treatment they gave them.

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