‘Comandante Pollo’ emerges as a central figure in Nuevo Leon’s cartel violence in 2023

Nuevo Leon faced a surge in cartel violence as CDN's 'Comandante Pollo' allegedly coordinated attacks on local law enforcement agencies.

Amidst an increasingly volatile war for territorial control, the Northeast Cartel has escalated its campaign within Nuevo Leon throughout 2023. This strategic push into the state by the CDN—Cartel Del Noreste (Northeast Cartel)—aims to dominate drug and human smuggling paths into the United States, disrupting the established order.

Northeast Cartel’s expansion has not been without resistance. Engagements with rival entities, the Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels, have been fierce. More so, their confrontations with the Fuerza Civil have painted a grim picture of violence and bloodshed across the region.

A Shadowy Figure Emerges

Alleged hitmen under the command of 'Comandante Pollo' (left) and image of 'Comandante Pollo' (right)(TikTok/@cachorrolima0|Especial)
Alleged hitmen under the command of ‘Comandante Pollo’ (left) and image of ‘Comandante Pollo’ (right)(TikTok/@cachorrolima0|Especial)

Social media has been buzzing in recent months, outing one key figure in the CDN’s campaign of terror—’Comandante Pollo’, also dubbed ‘Comandante Pato’, and purportedly identified as Alejandro “R”.

‘Comandante Pollo’ stands accused of orchestrating attacks against law enforcement, notably the Fuerza Civil and the Municipal Police in Linares, Nuevo Leon. These allegations, though unofficial, place him at the heart of the violence that has plagued the region.

The Wrath of ‘La Polliza’

The boldness of ‘Comandante Pollo’s’ operatives was on full display on July 6, when a cadre of hitmen, ensconced in the underbrush of an uninhabited sector abutting Tamaulipas, ambushed police officers during their routine patrols. This brazen attack resulted in the death of one assailant and the confiscation of significant armaments, including five rifles, grenades, and fortified vehicles stocked with tactical gear.


Tragedy had already struck the week before, on June 29, when Gabriel Solano González, director of the Municipal Police of Linares, was mercilessly killed in the presence of his family.

Prior, on May 17, the Linares police headquarters suffered an attack when motorcycle-borne gunmen fired at the building, escalating the campaign against law enforcement.

Images spread on social networks of 'Comandante Pollo'. (Special)
Images spread on social networks of ‘Comandante Pollo’. (Special)

The Bold and the Brash

In the digital realm, self-proclaimed members of ‘La Polliza’, the clique of ‘Comandante Pollo’, flaunt their exploits and allegiance. Alfredo “L”, known by the moniker ‘El Cachorro’, is particularly vocal on TikTok, showcasing his association with ‘Comandante Pollo’ and declaring Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, as his base.

As these figures loom large over Nuevo Leon, the community waits with bated breath for the next development in this ongoing saga of cartel violence.