Comedian Adal Ramones explores his daughter Paola’s Los Angeles apartment days after welcoming his fourth child

Adal Ramones' heartwarming family moments amidst the vibrant decor of his daughter's Californian home.

Mexican host Adal Ramones, 61, recently visited Paola, his eldest daughter, at the apartment where she lives in Los Angeles, California. The comedian’s visit comes days after the birth of Cayetano, his fourth child, who came to brighten his marriage with Karla de la Mora.

“My @paolaramones was worried because she wanted the baby to be a boy, and yes, it’s Cayetano, and he arrived just a few days ago. She stays calm knowing that she is my only daughter and there will be no more babies (I don’t assure it 100😆),” Adal wrote in a fragment of the description of a photo he shared on his Instagram account.

In the postcard, you can see both of them in the foreground, while behind them, you can see some details of Paola’s Angelino home, who moved there to study film.

As far as we could notice, her apartment is painted gray and has a living room with a sofa in a similar tone, an individual gray Oxford armchair, a wooden coffee table, plants, and a TV screen placed on a piece of white furniture.

Her apartment is very well-lit thanks to its large windows, which give access to a terrace.

Her Californian home is completed by the foyer, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.