Commission installed in Bacalar to monitor Sanitation Law

Behind the Pressure exercised by hotel businessmen, finally in Bacalar was installed Citizen Monitoring Committee for the correct application of the resources that the City Council collects for the Environmental Sanitation Law (DSA).

Even the municipal president, José Contreras Méndez, promised to to guarantee the correct application of means Y transparency in its handling.

It should be noted that business and citizen organizations had indicated that the City Council refused to accept the formation of a collegiate body for look out the destiny of means that are collected by the DSA.

José Contreras acknowledged that there are doubts and distrust about the destination of the resources, for which he promised that they will be exercised with transparency and responsibility, for the benefit of society and tourism.

We are complying in a timely manner with the provisions of the Municipal Treasury Law, which established a maximum period of 30 days for the formation of this Citizen Committee, which will confirm that we will act with transparency and responsibility.

They install a committee in Bacalar that will monitor the Sanitation Law.

socialization campaign

He recalled that an intense socialization and awareness campaign was carried out on this charge, since hoteliers will be responsible for carrying it out.

It should be noted that, in the case of Bacalar, the DSA is 25 pesos per room per night and the proceeds will be used for actions, programs and sanitation works, mainly focused on protecting and preserving the so-called Laguna de los Siete Colores, which It is the main attraction of the Magical Town.

The Committee was made up of five citizens representing the main social and productive sectors, these being María de Jesús Rodríguez from the hoteliers, Edwin Cano Álvarez from the nautical service providers, Norberta Cruz Vega from the Bacalar ejidal spa, Karla Valdez representing the citizen and Héctor Ic Rodríguez president of Bacalar Conscious.