Commissioner Ydanis Rodríguez confirms expansion of the ‘E-scooter’ pilot program in the Bronx

More of 480,000 ‘E-scooter’ trips made to date in the bronx is a figure considered very successful by the City Department of Transportation (DOT), and that is why the pilot program will now be extended to neighborhoods in the East of the Salsa County next June.

This was announced by DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodríguez, who stressed that the expansion, or Phase 2 of the plan, will double the impact of the program in that county and bring new micromobility options to more residents. In addition, he emphasized that the use of these electric “skateboards” has been carried out with a high level of safety.

“This Administration is committed to reducing our reliance on automobiles and providing services more equitably across the five boroughs. Our e-scooter pilot program in The Bronx has been a remarkable success and we are excited to bring it to more residents who need alternative forms of transportation.” said Rodriguez.

“We thank our partners in the Bird, Lime and Veo pilot program for sharing our values ​​of safety, affordability and accessibility,” added the commissioner, who is the first Dominican in history to lead the DOT, referring to the three companies that participated. in Phase 1 of the plan and that together, and in less than three years, have already registered more than 480,000 trips without deaths or serious injuries.

How will this Phase 2 work?

DOT explained that it will work with its partners to double the number of available scooters from 3,000 to 6,000, while expanding the current pilot plan area in the northeast Bronx further south. Phase 2 will include neighborhoods like Parkchester, Castle Hill, Country Club and Throgs Neckproviding connections to additional stops on the 6 train, as well as to the NYC Ferry at both Soundview Ferry Terminal and Ferry Point Park Terminal.

“The more transportation options we have for our communities, the better off we are. I am looking forward to seeing the E-scooter pilot in my own backyard. While we have public transportation options like the ferry, buses, and trains, we often lack the ability to move between our transit hubs and our homes,” she said. Councilwoman Amanda Farias, adding that by adding the option of E-scooters, “neighbors can move more freely and with more autonomy. Electric scooters will make transit in our communities more efficient, affordable and accessible to get home from the ferry or the subway.”

DOT noted that it will continue to work with Bird, Lime, and Veo to promote safe and responsible use of scooters, discount pricing options, and compliance with E-scooter parking rules. “Businesses should hold free in-person safety training and outreach events every month and continue to hold a series of demonstrations in partnership with community organizations, BIDs, and New York City Housing Authority tenant associations.”

Affordability and accessibility

  • New Yorkers who receive or qualify for any local, state, or federal assistance programs (eg, SNAP, NYCHA, discounted utility bill) are eligible for discounted e-scooter fares.
  • Materials promoting discount prices are available in multiple languages.
  • DOT has worked with all three companies to provide options for riders to pay with cash instead of a credit card and for riders to use e-scooters without a smartphone via text messaging.
  • As part of the pilot program, all businesses must provide wheelchair accessible scooters.
  • As of early March 2022, 950 unique passenger accounts collectively have nearly 17,000 trips through discount pricing services, averaging approximately 20 trips per account.
    • DOT will work with businesses to increase enrollment in these discount programs during the second phase.
    • Pilot plan figures:

      • 480,000 trips were made in Phase 1, in less than 3 years.
        • 3,000 doubled to 6,000, will be the number of scooters available in Phase 2.
          • 950 unique passenger accounts collectively have nearly 17,000 trips through discount pricing services, as of the beginning of that month.